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  • hlchlc1234 hlchlc1234 Jul 5, 2009 8:04 PM Flag

    COMPARATIVE EFFECTIVENESS will Kill BioTech And Pharma

    King Obama has already promised you he is going to cut Medicare expenses. This HAS to effect makes of EXPENSIVE devices and proceedures like THOR. Under such circumstances sales of some devices makers will be down and some employees will be laid off but King O will achieve his primary objective of REDUCING Medicare costs. I am a long time long going back to the days of TMO but that's how I see things. Also, study up on medPAC. This is the proposed new medical review board that will set the rules and take the hard decisions on care out of the hands of our sleazy congressmen. When medPAC says NO that's IT. There will be no appeal."Sir, medPAC says 75 is the cutoff date for LVAD's. Go home and take two aspirins." Or maybe one of those $4 generic prescriptions from Walmart. (Wegmans is even better Same $4 but a free refill).

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    • HLC:

      The LVAD venue will not come under comparative effectiveness until it reaches $2 BILLION or more.

      At less than $500 MILLION for the LVAD venue currently it's on no ones radar.

      Moreover, if or when it does come under scrutiny, the only comparison that could be made is with Optimal Medical Management, where the LVAD has already registered significant superiority.

      I suggest you do much more research, so you can provide some links to justify your posts.

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