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  • hlchlc1234 hlchlc1234 Jul 7, 2009 9:04 PM Flag

    COMPARATIVE EFFECTIVENESS will Kill BioTech And Pharma

    See the future of US medical care if King O's scheme goes through: it's on the editorial page of the WSJ today titled OF NICE AND MEN . It describes how the British system rations care by outright refusal to pay for drugs costing about a certain amount. You are BARRED from the benefit of taking these drugs. You already have the first inning of that now. It's called STEP THERAPY which you must take a couple of less effective drugs first to see if they work before the MD can prescribe the newer more effective drugs. medPAC King O's healthcare ration board will not be limiting just drugs. They are out to cut costs and procedures will come under attack as well. It is irrelevant that current procedures may allow THOR to come in under the radar. medPAC can and will write new procedures to cut costs. Best example of how the Govt works is to look at EPA. Thet can (and do) render farmland or oil drilling areas worthless simply by finding an endangered bug on the property. If the Govt. wants to get something done it will. Congress may write the laws, but the bureaucrats INTERPRET them.And they will interpret them the way King O wants. As a long, long time holder of THOR from the days of TMO I hope I am wrong, but that's what I see coming down the pike.

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