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  • professor4everyone professor4everyone Jul 27, 2009 9:50 PM Flag

    ObamaCare Will Bankrupt The USA

    "President Obama now wants to raise taxes on health insurance benefits in order to pay for health insurance benefits! He truly is robbing Peter to pay Paul. We do need to reform health care coverage. However, this can be done utilizing private health insurance in a much more affordable and sustainable way, without creating increased dependence on the federal government. The health care systems of Switzerland and Holland are interesting option[TL1] s. The Swiss system covers 99% of the population for 11.6% of GDP. Health insurance is private, but the government subsidizes the cost for those who are unable to afford the premiums. Since each citizen has some financial responsibility, there is an incentive to prevent cost escalation. Best of all, the government and hence the taxpayers pay about 25% of health care costs as opposed to over 45% in the U.S. The Dutch system is similar. Insurance companies offer a mandatory basic package with optional upgrades. No health care system is perfect, but Obama Care will be catastrophic and will bankrupt the nation."

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    • Interesting ideas that would preserve the best of our health care system and continue incentives to do research and development. Certainly, a company like Thoratec would do better under these systems than under Obamacare. I have to admit that I have taken a lot for granted regarding American health care until now when I face losing good care. My husband and I eat healthfully, exercise, take vitamins, use the seatbelts, etc., but nonetheless, fingers crossed. You never know when you will want the chance to do everything possible to get the best health care possible for a serious condition. Under rationing, you have no way of positively influencing what happens to you. There is no taking out a loan, no mortgaging the house, no neighborhood or workplace combined efforts to help you, nothing but a faceless bureaucrat (who could be a racist or a sadist or just someone ordered to turn down as many requests as possible)telling you to return to the end of the line. Many, many people all over the globe come to the U.S. for topline medical treatment. They as well as those of us in this country have a lot to lose. I hope some of these higher level options are explored.

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