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  • dontdropyourlunch dontdropyourlunch Feb 17, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    Professor4, I have a question about heart transplants for you

    I thought I read a post, I think from you, the other day that stated the THOR CEO said the HeartMate III could make heart transplants obsolete (or something like that). I searched the latest THOR call transcript, but I could not find it there. Did you actually write the above in a post? If yes, where did the CEO say that? Thanks, and sorry if my memory was just bad about reading this on this board.

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    • dontdrop

      Here's the quote I made on Feb 5... "The FILVAS fully implantable technology is having great success in testing and should eliminate Heart Transplants. The Bionic Man has arrived."

      It's my thought, not THOR's.

      If the HM3 offers a much better efficacy than the HM2, and the FILVAS technology's success in testing is duplicated in actual implants, my thought could be a reality.

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      • dontdrop

        Here's another bionic man quote I made on Feb 11. Note 7-

        - Reimbursement announcement in Japan for HM2. Earnings start jumping in 2014 from this source.
        2- In late 2013, CMS may announce two methods of accreditation, allowing more hospitals to climb on the implant express.
        3- HeartMate 3 starts clinical trials in EU. Built-in telecommunication sending real-time patient data to the cardiologist, pulsatility, much lower aspirin requirement than the HVAD, elimination of the CPB machine, possible elimination of the Von Willibrand problem, much lower surgery. This should very shortly obsolete the 160mg to 325mg HVAD.
        4- HeartMate 3 starts clinical USA trials in late 2013.
        5- PHP starts EU and USA clinical trials entering a new Billions arena.
        6- Pocket controller introduction within 2-months.
        7- The holy grail, the FILVAS, in late 2014 could create the Bionic man. Swimming, Showers, elimination of drive-line infection. This could easily double the number of implants within a year.
        8- Obamacare in 2014 will bring millions into the implant potential.

      • just hilarius, P4, do you speak with Santa on regular basis...??

      • prof4, thanks for the further explanation. I do hope something like the HM3 could eliminate the need for heart transplants sometime in the future. Thanks for clearing up the fog where I read about it. It is an interesting projection.

      • Thanks Prof, good stuff!!!

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