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  • beelzebubbapink beelzebubbapink Jan 22, 2003 11:44 AM Flag

    An insider says you are all idiots

    I've been reading these posts for a month now. It's amazing how quickly you moron's are to judge Reno. "F" you. I am an insider. I work here in Reno and all the babble you are spewing is all crap. Quit talking smack it you can't back it up.
    Reno didn't got hit hard by the layoffs, but it was necessary. The dead weight is gone... for the most part. Scott is doing a good job of keeping us afloat. Now if he'd only listen to the smaller people a little more...
    IT is fine here in Reno. Don't ask me about clients or anyother insider stuff because you won't get it out of me. All you stock jockey's can figure it out on your own.

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    • Thank you for your post, beelzebubb. Faith in management is very important to both employees and investors. Here's a key question: Have you bought any Innotrac stock with your own money in the last 6 months? Do you intend to?


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      • He's obviously stupid enough to (buy INOC with real money) as he lives in Reno and impresses us with his command of the English language by using terms like "talking smack" whatever that means. Like I said before, in Reno, or Sparks, you need random drug testing and dogs to make the place work. The help in that area is terrible. Everyone who isin't a substance abuser has a casino clearance and the ones who can't pass the casino screening are more likely to apply for warehouse jobs.

    • Beelzebub, you must be as frustrated as I am at what you read here. I am not an insider, but everything I hear (on VERY good authority)leads me to believe that a nice turnaround is in process and that the moves management is making are well thought out. I'm not unrealistic about what the stock can do this year, but I am optimistic about the longer term. What do you think, should aggressive investors be adding to their position here? I noticed somebody trying to buy 10,000 shares at 2.98 near the close today. Thanks for your post.