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  • retailinvestor4k retailinvestor4k Apr 21, 2003 2:37 PM Flag

    Something up with INOC? Looks good.

    Well, the trading pattern seems to be sayinig a lot. It looks like some positive things are very much ahead for INOC, or at least the recent trading pattern anticipates it.

    Volume strength and size of bids are showing lots of support.

    Today looks like a buying opportunity as some retail investors are selling small quantities.

    Any one else watching the chart on this. Is there news on this one or other developments or events that INOC is participating in?

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    • The stock usually runs up before earnings then cools off after the conference call. However, since the market has finally turned (signalling that, hopefully, the economy will too in six months or so), maybe it's the smart and patient money that's been buying all the big blocks lately, anticipating 8 to 10 bucks a share down the road. Certainly the action in AMZN lately would seem to bode well for any companies involved in online fulfillment. With all the major capex behind INOC now, there might be some decent EPS guidance on the call this week. After a full year of guiding down, what a change that would be!

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      • I would love to think that there will be good news at this call, however I tend to doubt it. My hope is that we will hear that the incessant bleeding is finally stopped and that they are breaking even, but i even doubt that.

        Personally, I would love to hear a call without the "strong financials" phrase. This ditty is getting old and even the most ardent of followers are seeing that the financials are decent in comparison to other companies, but not "strong".

        I find it interesting that you consider INOC to be an online fulfillment group, when in fact they are far from an online fulfillment company. Very little of their business comes from online fulfillment, and they even went so far as to disband their web development group. They are concentrating on their core 'strengths' of (mis)shipping product and (losing)inventory.

        I don't look for a turnaround for at least another quarter, they have been far too quiet this quarter, which was expected since they are not really looking for new clients and concentrating on existing business.