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  • Lkbum Lkbum Jun 5, 2003 11:27 AM Flag


    I noticed the volume has dried up in the last few days. Any thoughts?

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    • Would appear that the market feels the stock is fairly priced right in here. Nobody wants to let go of it below 6, nobody wants to buy it above 6.35 or so. Everybody, including us, is waiting for some evidence that things are back on track before taking any action with their shares. Fact that we haven't sold off, even on light volume, says to me that the stock is clearly in stronger hands now with newcomers having bought in in the 4 to 6 range. Could be a while before any move of substance but in my opinion the recent outperformance of Russell 2000 and micro/small cap sectors augers well for remainder of 2003. Certainly 7 or 8 bucks not out of the realm of possibility. I'm holding...

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      • even though nobody asked, here is my unsolicited opinion. Good4 is right about nobody wanting to sell below 6 and nobody wanting to buy over 6.35. However I tend to believe that most of the investors at this time are in one of 2 camps - they are long term institutions who have finally dollar averaged their holdings down to the mid 6 to 8 dollar level, so they will be holding to try to get back on en even par with their stock. Other small investors may have jumped in at the 6 dollar level and are awaiting a gain to take profit.

        As far as what happens in the future, I can't see how the russell 2000 or any other rankings can play into the picture here. The company has said NOTHING other than they are trying stop the bleeding. Revenue does not look any better than before, expenses are being cut, but nothing new is happening (at least from what we can see).

        For the stock to hit 7 - 8 bucks INOC will have to come up with improved revenue numbers, improved expense numbers, and some good PR on new clients, etc... Guess we will find out in july or august...