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  • waytoogoodforwords waytoogoodforwords Sep 23, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    INOC will be a $20 stock in 12-18 months

    You'll kick yourself if you sell now at $5.

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    • Based upon????

      You've been trying to talk this stock up for months. Look, I'm a realist.... not so long ago, buying this stock was a sure way to make a little money, or be along for the ride as it went out of business. I don't blame someone for taking a chance on a 96 cent stock. And I congratulate those profiting from this buy, when it had nowhere to go but up, or die.

      But you obviously know nothing of this business or structure, or you'd know your valuation is insane. The board and CEO are a fiefdom--with no concern for investors. Between their locked in ownership and the receivership holding the next largest portion of shares, there's not enough outstanding either for traders to buy or sell to create much movement, much less actually have a voice in the growth of the company.

      If you bought at the lows, I'd say now is not a bad time to take some profits. In fact, the board will probably start shopping for a buyer soon, since after four long years since the last attempt at that went under, they finally have things looking stable again on paper.

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      • Why did INOC trade near $10 for most of 2005 when the company had a fraction of the revenues, had posted substantial losses in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and when the Nadsaq was collapsing?

        Why wouldn't INOC trade substantially higher today on its way to posting its best earnings, best revenues and the Nasdaq soaring to 4,000?

        If you traded micro-caps in the late 90's as the Nasdaq took off towards 4,000 micro-caps were already headed to the stratosphere. (INOC traded near $20 during the 2000 Nasdaq rally).

        You may know the specifics of INOC's business but you don't know your history of micro-cap trading.

        I have micro-caps on my screen trading well past $5 with financials that are pure junk. INOC is lagging behind in this once in a decade powerful Nasdaq rally. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for this. It should already be far past $5.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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