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  • tony_campillo tony_campillo Dec 26, 2007 9:00 AM Flag

    nothing wrong with a little Holiday encouragement from a VCSY Long


    Grasping at straws again, huh, portuno and dollfan?

    Let's see if I understand this. An anoynomous vcsy newbie (born this past June & who you personally don't know), who admittedly has no training in technology, thinks he saw something regarding "lazers" and f.o. Where did this guy see this wonderment??? At vcsy headquarters or in their new multimillion dollar optics lab (that vcsy can't afford)? Wow. Talk about "heresay" (did I spell that correctly porto?) and the mob eager to follow any rumor. At least the guy did say he could be wrong.

    And what about Wade, vcsy's ceo, claiming to shareholders immediately after the Ross trial in September that vcsy wasn't working on a f.o. prototype?? Several of your longs just remembered that fact on RB.

    LMAO. You guys are really pathetic. Well, I hope you had a Merry Christmas anyway, filled with dreams of sugarplums.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Let's see. Where do I start. We do remember Wade said a number of people were in discussions with VCSY about using the F.O. patent. Now, why somebody would even bother discussing a "worthless" patent is beyond me, but there are plenty crazy people out there in the world who believe they can make anything work given enough money and time.

      And the CDC/Ross trial was back in September. That was over two months ago. That's a lot of days since Wade said "VCSY isn't working on a prototype" for somebody ELSE to be working on a prototype.

      And the "anoynomous VCSY newbie" said he was passing through a DOD lab. Not a VCSY lab. You need to read a bit more carefully, but, I know it doesn't serve your agenda to point things out carefully.

      You pooh pooh the latest Cruz patent application regarding the movement of acoustic waves and light waves coincidentally even when you know acoustic waves can generate light via piezo electric effect and light waves can generate acoustic waves via Brillouin effect. Yet, the mention of "sound" in the Cruz patent causes you to simply discard any serious consideration.

      So, we discard any consideration of you... "tony". What's the matter, easy? Too busy to shift into your easy_money moniker? or are you dumping your previous identity?

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