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  • portuno_diamo portuno_diamo Jun 19, 2008 4:00 AM Flag

    What can you do with AIR...

    ... that you can't do with Silverlight? Apparently anything.
    Some AIR in Adobe's Web Services?
    LiveCycle Enterprise Suite gets upgrades for Adobe's approach to Web Services.
    June 18, 2008 By Erin Joyce:

    (worth reading)

    My my look how far Adobe has come in such short time. And meanwhile Silverlight is still just a video player. What's up with that? Can't. Can't. Can't.

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    • They are in the business of spreading their technology... just as Microsoft is giving Shareprice web services away to gain market share.

      Why would they not? It would empower Adobe to become a wedge against Microsoft, which would help VCSY in the future.

      If VCSY is empowering IBM, such a relationship would provide the other pressure point to work in conjunction with Adobe by which Microsoft would be caught in a pincer move from which there is no escape.

      Actually a very smart strategy since IBM and Adobe would be indebted to the VCSY technology strategy for being able to weaken, crack and erode Microsoft.

      Sounds like a plan to me.

    • >> Doesn't the ($262,000) mean - , as in minus, loss, nada $262,000? LOL <<

      Yep, that's exactly what it means.

      Now let's do a little basic math. Consider VCSY's cash on hand. Assume that the rate of loss remains fairly constant. How long will it be before VCSY runs out of cash and is forced to declare bankrutcy?

      Remember that the company is already defaulting on millions of dollars worth of loans. That means that its chances of getting additional loans are extremely small.

      One the other side, though, I'm willing to be generous and assume that MSFT won't rush to have someone rush to buy up VCSY's debts and call them due. That would only happen if someone at MSFT believed that VCSY's barratry had some actual merit.

    • portuno, am I waiting for silverlight? problem I have data from a software written for xp. an organization wants to get all business components to contribute their data to a data base which is not written by the same company. if they had silverlight operational could they webisize(html to xml) the data and get their data from an xml query? without some middleware/solution, data search would require receiving query, separate database search, posting to the main organizations database. your thoughts?

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      • my own take is that msft's medical/hr database aspirations are seriously being hindered by vcsy. there is a combination of health organizations which individually probably represent one of the largest msft installations in the world which cannot roll out their real product, but are relegated to a half a_ssed roll out of a suboptimal product. they are not able to provide billing and scheduling components but have people doing them thru pc/book ledgers/third parties.
        They are taking a serious hit. It's so easy right now to go the the state AG's and complain of antitrust/monopolistic behavior , especially in view of their current e records product.

        Additionally, this problem is probably delaying the capex on hardware/software for virtualization/consulting monies/etc that a roll out would entail. all of their partners would/should be pushing for closure.

      • Why wait for Silverlight when AIR is already showing the fruits of a five year head start?

        Take a look at the difference in capabilities and you'll see Silverlight isn't firing on all cylinders and AIR is turbo-charged.

        Anyone who wants to read the 521 patent and compare, has a pretty unobstructed view of the industry's descriptions of what will be "next generation" and revolutionary.

        The average viewer couldn't tell that last year but this part of this year the ability to recognize the capabilities and their parallels is increasingly clear by the week.

        Our hedge fund buddies are facing a huge slap inthe face and it's beginning to dawn on them the future they feared is unfolding before them.

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