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  • neoware03 neoware03 Jun 20, 2008 5:08 PM Flag

    yhoo and vz/bs-t/bt

    let's ask portuno if there is any specific things vz would have to do to have support for vcsy.ob/now solutions. We know that now solutions is supported by vz business. If they are just an app on the internet, NOW could be used from any isp. NOw solutions being for HR purposes probably has to be HIPPa compliant so they would have to have some standards based degree of security....Does VZ offer that capability for other apps? xml routers of a specific type?

    actually, this just gave me an idea. Why doesn't vcsy approach msft's Medical Information partners with the information about xml enabler? They could put the screws to MSFT and get the api's necessary to put things in working order. I'd be happy to make intro's.

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