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  • roscoeed roscoeed Aug 17, 2008 3:06 PM Flag

    Who moved the rock?

    in plane english what does this mean for vcsy

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    • Plainly, with VCSY intellectual property, Microsoft now has the ability to interoperate their applications across the web just as they've been able to interoperate with COM/DCOM.

      Microsoft, we may safely assume by now (unless they're completely ate up with the dumbass) should have access to the full range of both VCSY 521 and 744.

      If true (and it certainly sounds so based on the things they've been announcing over the past few weeks) MSFT will now be able to mate up Office with all their other legacy systems and offer interoperation with those systems and applications.

      That was not true before July 25, 2008. If anyone would like to debate that contention, please let me know.

    • mo money,mo least from statepointplus sales.....

      remember neoware can sit on top of linux, msft, or other os. don't like one , switch to another. linux clients can connect to msft terminal server.

      ipsphere is for video. neoware is the clearcube video client os. screen shots...from the server.

      now, since i'm going to bring it up...a screenshot of an ibm/clearcube blade server to client...untethered of their wired connection ...for indefinite distance of client from server. ipsphere is to optimize the internet for video...only thing is your digital tv will also allow you to surf the web with the same setup.

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      • uh, sorry...surfing the web is more of a passive will be participating in creating the web experience...evolution /innovation if you will. successful new bits, even unsuccessful attempts, will become part of our internet/virtual experience. utube demonstrates the allure of that part of the human experience. web creations will be available for other uses or reuse...more open source innovation to put web evolution in hyperdrive. hyper-sick,silly, smart, naive, sophisticated, dumb, or, etc.

        oh yeah, screenshots....a complete picture thereof sent down a fiberoptic fiber and processed to allow viewing...hmm, eght has hd video at 30 frames/sec... i think uses xml , which makes their video more/most archivable, when used with the video library of ibm which already xml's everything , including the library of congress and sports, could be a good way for the optical patent by vcsy. and videocamera can work both ways sending and same time multi colored signals can carry more data down the same pipe-dwdm.

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