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  • portuno_diamo portuno_diamo Nov 19, 2008 4:50 PM Flag

    If Microsoft's online security management system... due in 2010, it can mean they only recently became able to field online distributed systems.

    Security is the last thing to be completed after your development teams fully define what your platform needs will ultimately be.

    So Microsoft has apparently been stalled in defining its platform until only very recently.

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    • You're a real Sherlock, Portuno. Or do you hire private detectives to uncover these vast conspiracies working against you?

      PS. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. LOL.

    • Mirror, this was your last post as kantuc on RagingBull:
      By: kantuc
      17 Nov 2008, 10:42 AM EST
      Msg. 235163 of 236569
      (This msg. is a reply to 235151 by stockwabbit.)
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      wabbit, you could be right. I will be watching on and off and can change my order if momentum changes. But I can't stay glued to this all day to pick the top, but I think it will be a long road downward after today.

      I'll be able to by back shares at under 2 cents before long - IF I have a reason to. I don't want to be get stuck with shares after toady, though. There was a lot more volume by speculators on the way up. I bet many of them are just now trying to figure out what happened.

      They are not going to be so agreeable to Portuno's twisted gibberish. And they certainly aren't going to be listening to the LOSER brainwashed cult members here.
      Unless they also drank the koolaid and now think that losing money is a good thing.

      17 Nov 2008, 10:42 AM EST
      Twenty-four hours later, this was your first post as mrrrfk on Raging Bull.
      By: mrrrfk
      18 Nov 2008, 09:36 AM EST
      Msg. 235620 of 236568
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      Hello. I am new here and saw this stock drop like a goose full of buckshot even though everyone says they won some kind of settlement from Microsoft. I've seen this before because people "sell on the news" but now maybe the selling is over or should I wait for some kind of PR or the CEO to call everyone back with more if? Thank you. I am still doing my "DD" but there are some many thousands of posts that barely make any sense to me so it will take more time.
      - - - - -

      Anyone can see you lied to the readers on RB.

      You weren't "new here". You had been posting endlessly as kantuc and many other usernames before that.

      Look at what you said:

      "I've seen this before because people "sell on the news" but now maybe the selling is over or should I wait for some kind of PR or the CEO to call everyone back with more if? Thank you. I am still doing my "DD" but there are some many thousands of posts that barely make any sense to me so it will take more time."

      And you expect people to believe what you write? LOL Why should they? You obviously like to deceive people. It's a game to you. And when you get caught, you laugh and make a joke and think that deflects opinion or responsibility.

      Quite the opposite. You simply walk farther into the hole you began digging years ago. You think these kinds of posts can dodge responsibility, but, you forget a pattern of deception conducted over time can be demonstrated and that stands much taller than any clever wording you might be able to plug into individual posts.

      You think you're clever, mirror? I don't think original_al thinks you're clever anymore. I think he realizes you're snake out to save your own skin... and you've burned his.

    • ok ten four

    • Thanks, rosco. Now, if you don't mind, I'll continue pointing out mirror's actions.

    • i wasn't trying to come to his aid . as i stated in a recent post i don't think any one posting on any site regarding vcsy future is going to make a difference when comes to wades/vcsy's success. as far as i'm concern he can have his fun to and i will have my fun if everything your suggeting comes true

    • Then sit back and wait. I would expect you'll not mind if I follow my pitbull nature to its ultimate end.

      Mirror likes to laugh about things.

      I like laughing, too. I am laughing now, in fact, because mirror is running and his conscripted buddies are just sitting back and watching... like you suggest.

      In fact, you're the only one coming to his aid by asking me to sit back and watch. Thanks but no thanks. I like the chase.

      Anywho, he's running hard and fast now, isn't he?

      I don't think he's going to make the fence. Do you?

    • i think if you take a look at my recent post i stated that i have 500k shares and i'm holding .yes i left aprox. 45k on the table this past wk or so. but i to am willing to wait for the big pay off.

    • Think whatever you will, rosco. I don't really care.

      VCSY revealing revenue as a result of whatever is confidential about the MSFT settlement is what will bring proof and seal Mirror and his cohort's situation into the record.

      I'm willing to wait for that. Aren't you? At the same time, I'm not going to let somebody like mirror or any of the rest of them to think they can rest and deceive readers. There is no rest. Only watching and marking. Mirror invited this and he'll receive what he's asked for.

      Why are you still here?

      Your first post says your average is 0.008.

      Why are you complaining? Tell the rest of the VCSY longs why you're complaining. I'm sure they will listen patiently.

      You're obviously too uptight. Sell. Sell because you don't like uncertainty and question. Sell now and be able to relax.

    • as i stated befor vcsy revenue will speak for itself in the 4thq sec filing. words such as MAYBE and I THINK in my way of thinking doesn't cut it. only makes me optimistic and to question

    • Relax dlkjla. You sound angry and frantic. Relax. It's all coming. You know that. That's why all of you are so afraid.

      the_original_al_coholic2008 knows mirror sucked him and his boys into a skunk cage. And now all of you stink... and mirror is trying his best to slide away into some sort of legitimacy... leaving the rest of you to try to figure a way out of your past words... and deeds.

      Enjoy your money while you can. You all earned everything coming to you.

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