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  • normnowak normnowak Jul 15, 2009 6:36 PM Flag

    damn, Nero is good.....

    Cygnus Systems filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft,Google and Apple on 12/23/08.....Microsoft was represented by Fish & Richardson......Cygnus Picked Niro to represent them....lawsuit was filed about 5 month AFTER VCSY settled against Cygnus picked a lawyer that had just battled Microsoft and battled Google and Fish & Richardson.....I have posted recently about the former partner at F&R that filed suit against his law firm and here is the update of Cygnus vs. Microsoft,google and settled on 5/29/09 with prejudice and Microsoft settled on 7/6/09 with prejudice....i guess apple did NOT want to throw a couple of bucks at Niro....OR maybe NIRO knows how to beat the hell out of MICROSOFT AND GOOGLE !!!!!!

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    • i say the jury is out on niro because vcsy is still at .02 cents. time will tell,, it doesn't matter to me what he has done for other companies just vcsy

    • Just maybe GA has been up to something. Could be your chance to recover some (not promising much) losses on vcsy.

    • From the 6.5 billion people around, I don't see anyone discovering vcsy or the slightest potential it could have. After 10 years of shouting aloud how obvious and strong a case they have, it would seem all it takes in this world to prevent revolutionary technology from succeeding is a couple of guys having a little poke at you on some obscure, anonymous webpage that a couple of dozen of people read. How come that of all the other people in this world full of geniuses, madmen and commoners, no-one else has taking an interest in this? Who are you posting to? Do you want people to discover vcsy or would you prefer to hoard as much of the stock for yourself. These 10 years have gotten you stuck in a catch 22 and the situation just grows more and more paradoxical.
      Let's see, we have hidden revenues, a management hiding all trails of its actions and acting in the most secretive of way but on the other hand we have posters so perfectly informed of every hidden detail that you can only conclude vcsy (or is it their attorneys') offices must be bugged. You have a bunch of posters (maybe some insiders too) holding an unknown (but rather small) quantity of shares, convinced they're sitting on a gold mine but they refuse to buy the land or even make an offer and they're going on yapping to everyone about it so someone can snatch it away from under their noses, sounds more like they're dying of thirst and no longer have the courage to dig for water so they hope by yelling gold someone will dig for them so they can at least have a drink.
      You have a company tied down with debt and having to resort to extreme methods to service it, it seems no shareholder is able to help them there. Portuna, why don't you ask for some preferential shares in return for paying their bills, it may allow you to have an influence on future pr strategies to satisfy more shareholders.
      For someone so into this stock I find you have rather little to say about vcsy's management.
      PS I'm still waiting to hear from General Atlantic, you seem to know them pretty well, maybe you could just give me a little hint on their style of business, is it stealth like vcsy or will they release some form of pr? I hope not, I kinda like vcsy tactics, keep em guessing, right?

    • It's right there for anyone to see.

    • You want that to be the view bad. Real bad.

    • Blah blah blah. You have to complicate what is simple and obvious:

      Niro made a fast buck off a weak case. That's common sense. The end.

    • update....Niro case against Fish & Richardson and google was filed on 9/10/07 and settle with prejudice 8/14/ Cygnus hired Niro AFTER he went to battle against google and Microsoft and Fish & Richardson ....Do you think he told Cygnus that he got a couple of bucks for his client for hardly any work so why not hire me because i can get the big guys to throw a couple of bucks ???? don't think so.......

    • sorry NIRO spelling error

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