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  • neoware03 neoware03 Feb 25, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

    vz/abtg in smartgrid,goog in bid also.

    clearcube screenshot video server for ibm blade server....

    internet based fiber optic switch....a fiber optic switch with ethernet/internet based client controller allowing bare metal management.

    wag...clear cube went and got vcsy's cruz switch solution for direct connection and neoware ethernet client/softwre for use with ibm blade server .near and far. now likely able to have bare metal management due to hp's patent.

    possible also incorporating hd video/audio ip from 8x8.

    big movie screen 3 d upgrades going on also.

    comcast xfinity also needs reviewing/dd.

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    • "clear cube went and got vcsy's cruz switch solution"

      Vcsy doesn't have such a product nor does it control the IP on fo switches. All that VCSY has is a niche patent on sending an image directly over a single fiber, a patent which BTW 9 years later still has no working model. You had also written " what happened to the vcsy fiber optic switch". The answer is vcsy NEVER had such a switch nor does anything in their filings, website and PRs suggest they have any plans for one.

      You also wrote earlier "vz already has vcsy's now solution".

      No such relationship exists nor can you supply a link that showing it does. IMO VZ neither has nor wants Now Solutions except perhaps as one of their many customers.

      Please confine your posts to reality and stop making up facts!

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      • what part of wag don't you get?
        wild ass_d guess.

        you believe/consider it or not. odtherwise, where did clearcube get their video solution for ibm blade add on??

        internet time clock is also needed more dd.

        a cloud architecture , wherein the servers could be in different time zones with different clocks , would seem to make an internet time clock important along with the varying employment laws rules taxes of other states,countries. one database vs many different ones.
        potentially fewer means more money for profit.

        a worldwide investing network..

        a worldwide enterprise like coke/pepsi/nestle/ibm/etc.a defense screen of sensors.

        having a network architecture where you have patents would seem to be very important..

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