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  • neoware03 neoware03 Feb 22, 2013 6:33 AM Flag

    compiler/precompliler/web based precomplier.....concepts of interest with tiny web server

    ?delivering precompiler output to the onboard compiler of internet connected device...would seem to need a web based clock to make architecture work... from a wiki:
    "In computer science, a preprocessor is a program that processes its input data to produce output that is used as input to another program. The output is said to be a preprocessed form of the input data, which is often used by some subsequent programs like compilers. The amount and kind of processing done depends on the nature of the preprocessor; some preprocessors are only capable of performing relatively simple textual substitutions and macro expansions, while others have the power of full-fledged programming languages.

    A common example from computer programming is the processing performed on source code before the next step of compilation. In some computer languages (e.g., C and PL/I ) there is a phase of translation known as preprocessing."

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    • the less robust smartphones which cost less money? unfortunately, also allows more central authority of output like in a Syria or china or Egypt or even the USA.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • could also be used by sony/vmw to make playstation 4 available via hand controller? with the majority of computing done on web. a 'client /server' thing with telephony.......gosh, vcsy describes maybe the new sony controller...thin client controlling ibm blade server...with shadowing capabilities and outright take control of it. ibm /clearcube/with ibm rack blades as the server? citrix/msft/oracle/netscape/ibm/hp-neoware/vcsy=ihope;

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