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  • melt_those melt_those Sep 21, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself ... (And I'm A "Genius")

    Hi, readers.

    You need to read the following VERY REVEALING excerpt from the recent court filing in the ongoing 5-Year-Long Bloody Legal War between Interwoven/Hewlett-Packard against tiny vcsy:

    "Interwoven [Hewlett-Packard] has followed the pattern which this Court had previously discouraged – the approach that 'we’ll try this and if it does not work, we’ll try something else.' Interwoven [Hewlett-Packard] has filed two reexamination proceedings, two motions for summary judgment, and two Daubert motions. It now proposes filing yet another motion for summary judgment and compelling a third round of mediations. (The first two mediations were exercises in futility as Vertical flew its CEO and CTO from Dallas to San Francisco to be present at both while Interwoven had its trial counsel and its in-house IP counsel present. The parties did not even come close to any reasonable settlement proposals.) Accordingly, Vertical respectfully opposes Interwoven’s [Hewlett-Packard's] attempt to further delay the trial ..."

    COULD NOT have said it better myself. That court filing direct quote totally demolishes the Ridiculous Claims by both the Half-Baked stock pumpers and the Dishonest vcsy-bashers on RB who are both still wrongly claiming that Iwov/Hewlett-Packard, LG, and Samsung will supposedly "settle" with vcsy. FAT CHANCE! Those huge global tech companies won't "settle" with tiny vcsy.

    Everyone but me is Too Blind to see The Obvious as indicated in the above quote: Iwov/Hewlett-Packard (led by CEO Meg Whitman) is still relentlessly forcing the VCSY CEO and CTO to constantly ping-pong back-and-forth across the country to meet up with some Iwov/Hewlett-Packard legal stooges (to no avail, as I repeatedly predicted).

    The OBVIOUS Strategy of Hewlett-Packard, LG, and Samsung is to relentlessly delay and do Everything Possible to bully and push tiny vcsy into BK. (And Half-Baked Portuno still claims HP is vcsy's "Friend!" LOL.)

    Patience is a Virtue.

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