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  • melt_those melt_those Mar 12, 2014 5:30 PM Flag

    Niro and VCSY Getting Squeezed by Samsung, the court, and HP?

    Everyone knows that the giant global tech titan Samsung (via its global powerhouse law firm, Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP) has filed in Texas a multitude of new motions against tiny vcsy late last month (and just prior to Samsung's scheduled "mediation" meeting with vcsy on March 7, 2014). And vcsy seemingly doesn't have enough time to file any responses to all those various recent motions by the global tech titan Samsung since vcsy is still apparently involved in ongoing "mediation" discussions with ..... Samsung. Whoa!

    In addition, vcsy is also simultaneously contending with and very feverishly preparing for another imminent patent infringement court trial and battle against the other global tech titan Iwov/Hewlett-Packard (represented by the global legal powerhouses White & Case LLP and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati) in California.

    Thus, it seems that vcsy is so overwhelmed with that large legal burden that it has twice requested from the court (and was twice granted) a set of deadline extensions regarding vcsy's still-awaited future responses to all of Samsung's various outstanding Motions to Strike, Summary Judgment Motions, Daubert Motions, and Motions to Dismiss .......... Whew!

    And on PACER, it's now reported that the court recently ordered that it will no longer grant vcsy any "further deadline extensions" in its case against Samsung. (Wow!)

    It almost seems it's not a fair fight. Sheesh!

    Is tiny little vcsy getting squeezed by the global tech titan Samsung, the court, and the global tech titan Iwov/Hewlett-Packard or what?

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    • Hi, readers, surely you remember that during the past 4-5 years, melt_* the vcsy-fence-sitter and longtime career con-artist has been constantly maniacally cursing, screaming, and absolutely "guaranteeing" that "NONE of the three litigants, LG, Samsung NOR Interwoven would settle with Vertical."

      Well, well, well ........ it's now 5 years later and melt_those has TOTALLY and sheepishly changed his tune and made a complete 180-degree turn. Now that he's been undeniably proven UTTERLY and COMPLETELY WRONG, the career con-artist and moronically babbling melt_those changes the subject of the thread. Now look at what the long-time clueless pathologically lying and technically illiterate melt_those is saying to deflect from the point of this thread.

      This clearly and undeniably shows how horribly and completely WRONG the clueless melt_those is on every subject.

      Good to know.

      • 1 Reply to antihypester
      • antihipster: "... how horribly and completely WRONG ... melt_those is ..."

        Wow, the pathologically dishonest vcsy-bashing career con-artists (such as Antihipster) are still desperately doing anything and everything they possibly can to divert the readers' attention from the indisputably ugly facts about the longtime vcsy-bashers (such as Antihipster) as described below:

        Everyone knows that the pathologically dishonest vcsy-bashing career con-artists Antihipster, Rikard/Mirror, Al, and Tepe have been maniacally cursing, intentionally libeling, and relentlessly bashing vcsy, on a 24/7 basis, on multiple websites, for the past 14-15 years.

        The readers also know that the dishonest vcsy-bashers (especially Antihipster & Mirror/Rikard) have been repeatedly screaming and wrongly "guaranteeing" for the past 14-15 years that vcsy is a "POS" company, with "chrappy" patents, that will therefore quickly go "bankrupt" soon. But it's now 15 years later and vcsy is still very vigorously conducting business, thus indisputably proving that all of the vcsy-bashers (especially Antihipster & Rikard/Mirror) have been absolutely wrong about absolutely everything regarding vcsy.

        Good to know.

    • samsung dirty practise. VCSY would get ROYALTY

    • What will you say if they settle with Samsung? That they were pressured into a settlement?

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      • intheend1012000: "What will you say if they settle with Samsung? That they were pressured into a settlement?"

        Thanks for the thoughtful questions, intheend1012000.

        Well, if Samsung actually does settle (I predict it won't settle) and the settlement amount is very low, then in that case, I would venture to say that vcsy probably got squeezed, pressured, whatever word you want to use. Or if Samsung actually does settle (I predict it won't settle) and the settlement amount is high, then in that situation, I would say that the squeezing and pressure took place in the opposite direction.

        In any event, vcsy's best course of action would be to go through jury trials in both cases and hopefully get positive jury verdicts by early June 2014 (or however long it takes). Unfortunately, though, if vcsy gets two positive jury verdicts in both trials, then you know the global tech titans Samsung and Iwov/Hewlett-Packard will both quickly file multiple appeals and that the appeals processes will drag on for at least several more years before vcsy ever sees even one red cent (at least that's the typical scenario with lengthy appeals processes -- you know how that goes, especially when you have a penny stock company as one of the litigants). It even takes several years for the appeals process when both litigants are global tech titans. But for some reason, it certainly seems that penny stock companies get short shrift in the legal process and their cases can very easily get repeatedly postponed and delayed time and time again.

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