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  • mickjaggerlips60601 mickjaggerlips60601 Jan 4, 2009 11:41 PM Flag

    More Stupiditi by Protiviti

    Until RHI takes concrete steps with respect to Protiviti, don't expect any positive results. Protiviti has gone through some quiet layoffs and what they've taken some really dumb and stupid decisions with respect to staffing (some great people are still with them). Many solidly qualified people have left the firm. Protiviti thought they could ride the SOX wave, and then use this horde of cash to try and evolve into a more "upmarket" firm. This was a great strategy, but they had the absolutely wrong people for the execution part. Protiviti should just simply merge into RHI. This would give the parent company the power to make the tough cost-cutting decisions during FY 2009 which is set to be a very slow year.

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    • I was at a huge industry-wide conference in Vegas last year, and I spoke to dozens of Directors and Managers from Protiviti. ALL of them are looking for other positions. I mean it was unanimous. If the people at this level are all looking, then they probably don't see many prospects in the coming year. Kind of like rats leaving a sinking ship.

    • It was a bad marriage to begin with...RHI doesn't understand the business and was relying on the ex-Andersen guys to sell other services. Unfortunately, there was a lack of effective sales people among the group they brought over in the acquisition...the good ones went to the other Big 4 firms. Protiviti never addressed this and continued to hire SOX "talent" to meet that demand. Frankly it should just be part of the Management Resources offering and let the staffing side of the business sell it.

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