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  • johnholmesxyz johnholmesxyz Feb 28, 2010 11:02 PM Flag

    serious post

    I know I have knocked protiviti's non products and I was completely serious when I did. It is 100% morally wrong to try and push "products" that do not do what they are advertised to do. I stood in front of a board of a company and vouched for several non products that were supposedly "God sends". When I finally sat down and used PaceMaker and the other portals, they were utterly useless. I was flabbergasted that a company would try and sell garbage and try and pass it off as a product. When i brought this up to protiviti management they attacked MY credibility!

    There were some very intelligent people at protiviti BUT there are many more intelligent people out in the market who can perform just as well for a far lower price - especially in this market.

    you will find that I am correct because if you see many of the people at the Director level all the way down to Senior Manager have had to take jobs that are quite a step down from their lofty titles at protiviti. This tells me that there was quite a bit of inflation at the firm. What is most unbelievable and inexcusable is the fact that I still receive messages from some directors and managers even after I told them to go to hell. I stopped receiving messages after I threatened legal action for harassment.

    protiviti is clearly on the ropes. It's all over the grapevine and they are just trying to control the bad news. Everyone is desperately trying to leave the firm. I know because we received resumes from everyone in just about every office all the way from senior consultant to director.

    RHI - it's time to pull the plug and start from square one. Cut the cord. spare us from this inferior business model.

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    • You should see how long it takes for them to hire someone!!! Months to make simple decisions to hire a staff auditor! And they complain they don't have enough people. Now, I have seen some of Deloitte's people that worked on the 404 that weren't worth $10 an hour!! So don't think they are as bad as you think. As a recruiter I have seen worse by the Big 4!!

    • Nice try Sabiian - I was actually never laid off - I have a great job in industry making significantly more money and benefits. While at Protiviti I frequently exceeded chargeability and sales numbers. I have worked with numerous professional services companies that far excel beyond what I experienced at Protiviti. Am I bitter? Not really. Just offering perspective and truth which folks like you struggle with.

    • I was going to post something here but I think everyone did a pretty good job highlighting the buffoonery that Protiviti has displayed over the years despite Sabiian's futile and idiotically immature attempt at a rebuttal.

      LOL. I mean... "circle jerk." Really? What are you? 16? Or is that what you had to do with some of the higher ups to get promoted to where you are today? Tool...

      Then again, I can't say I'm surprised by such diction given the amount of sexist, racist, and antisemitism remarks I've heard from certain Protiviti team members.

      However, one thing I'm really interested in is where a lot of these Protiviti staff members will end up if the firm does go kaput. A lot of them (although not all) aren't exactly that sharp and their limited "SOX" and "IT" "skills" don't really transfer over to many jobs out there. Then again, with the immigration bill that is going on in Arizona, the state might find itself in need of some old fashion menial labor work. The IQ requirement for some of those work might just be low enough to accommodate the current staff of misfits that are left. ROFL.

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      • sagefrancis,

        I will agree with your comments in regards to protiviti's inferior business model. BUT I have to strongly disagree with your comments regarding racism. Protiviti promoted many blacks and orientals and hispanics. For God's sake they provided FULL scholarships to several black students in several of the major offices. Is this a racist thing to do? No it isn't. There are many minorities among the upper ranks at protiviti. there always were. They seem to be very aware of diversity initiatives. At least that was my impression. In any case, protiviti was never sued for violating anyone's rights or for holding anyone back.

        So, I have to respectfully disagree with you.

    • Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply. I really look forward to the "new and improved" version of PaceMaker. I also look forward to the continued brilliance of your "fairly priced" consultants. In the end we will all receive the rate that the free market dictates. God Bless you.

    • Wow.

      I'm sure you are doing a great service to all of Protiviti's potential buyers that are looking on the Yahoo RHI message board for insight on their decisions...seriously?!?

      Personally, I think you do it because it makes you feel better about yourself. You like to get together with your 2-3 friends (you know who you are) and have a big online circle jerk where you cry and get off by bashing your previous employer for firing you. Yeah, that will show them!!

      Its pathetic, move on with your life.

    • OH MY GOD! You hit the nail on the head!!! WOW. Such a brilliant reply! Not.

      Actually I doubled my salary after leaving protiviti. You might be correct in some cases - there probably are some dummies who are bitter and who have nothing better to do. BUT, you are wrong in a much bigger way. This is an open forum to discuss public companies. If protiviti is as great as you claim, why are they losing so much business? The problem is that they have nothing to offer for a decent price. There are many consulting companies that are prospering and actually booming even now. Also, if protiviti is trying to cheat customers through non products such as Pacemaker then people have a right to know.

    • one more thing...

      There are people from protiviti who have left the firm and have done extremely well. One the other hand, as the original poster stated, there was a lot of inflation of rank going on. The evidence is that I know of quite a few former managers all the way to MDs who have been out of work since 2007/2008. Not sure how they are making money. some people gave up on jobs and they put out their own shingles (john smith opens Smith Consulting). there's not much of a market for overpaid and underskilled people who can follow SOX templates and "cutting edge" IT frameworks. Any fool can follow a checklist. in any case they must be surviving somehow. I don't wish bad for anyone. These guys are hucksters but their poor families should not have to pay for it.

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      • As I have posted on numerous times here - Protiviti is choked with narcissistic inflated egos - I worked there for several years before I left in disgust (on my own accord) because I simply couldn't stand trying to convince people that the b.s. I was selling them was worth the 100s of dollars an hour we pretended it was.

        Having worked in industry again for some time now - I can state unequivocally that Protiviti is viewed as a grotesque joke - a bunch of empty suits that are trying to sell the latest fancy Excel or Power Point piece of garbage - they don't actually deliver tangible products or services - they deliver "strategies" and "frameworks" and schlock schlock schlock. I've been pestered countless times by their auditors (no thanks - we figured out SOX a few years ago), their security "gurus" (no thanks - I can run server scans myself and pretend I "pen tested" something) and their ERP folks (no thanks - when I need actual expertise I'll go hire a firm that actually does this full time).

        Lastly - I find it laughable that these cheap arses can't even spring for a cup of coffee. Every darn time they ask for a meeting they carefully choose some mid-morning or mid-afternoon time when my schedule is choked with meetings. They excitedly asked me to a ball game once - I declined when I found out the seats were the cheapest money could buy (they probably got the seats for free from winning some contest), right in the middle of the hot sun and they'd invited some of my closest competitors - nice one guys - real friggin smart.

    • All outstanding points. When I worked at protiviti one thing I could not help noticing was the lack of consistency. For instance in one of the offices, they had hired a PhD from a top university and he was a senior manager. In the same office there was another guy with a C-average BA from a no-name school and guess what??? He was also a senior manager. The guy had no CPA, but he did have a CISA. Also, this same guy had been kicked off of projects by the clients. HOW THE HECK DID THESE TWO PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME POSITION? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The PhD guy was loved by his clients. The other guy was hated by all the clients but they made the SAME money and had the SAME position. The PhD guy lasted less than a year. The other fellow had been with Anderson and got drafted into protiviti so he had been there for ten years! makes zero sense to me.

    • This post should not come as a surprise.

      In my opinion, Protiviti's shift into a "consulting" firm has always been more about trying to pilfer money from a potential client under the guise of a "project" than actually trying to help them with their needs.

      I've seen this first hand many times because they used to always bug my direct supervisors with seedy sales calls trying to pitch the most recent solutions to no avail. Such failures on Protiviti's behalf should not astound anyone. Most of their MDs and Directors have down right horrible sales skills. I've seen credit card telemarketers with better sales acumen than some of these "higher ups."

      In addition, the pedigree found at Protiviti is extremely shoddy when you compare their talent to the talent of other consulting firms. When you look at other consulting firms (or even the Big 4, much less the Bain/McKinsey/BCG crowd), it is quite common too see lots of individuals from highly ranked schools with pretty prestigious degrees and certifications (Masters, phDs, CFAs).

      However, when one looks at the typical Protiviti employee, they are most likely from a lowly ranked institution (ASU, Cal Poly, UCSB, etc). From what I hear, some of these individuals aren't even certified with something as basic as a CPA/CISA certification despite having "senior" rankings! The fact Protiviti tries to charge lofty fees for this type of inferior talent and product would make even the most unsavory snake oil sales man cringe.

      I also find it hilarious Protiviti would attempt to question other people's credibility when their own credibility is constantly laughed at. It is almost equivalent to a convicted prisoner trying to cast judgment on other people's bad behaviors. LOL.

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