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  • stronghalfs stronghalfs Apr 2, 1999 5:08 PM Flag

    Points for all readers to ponder...

    To all ex-halfer's,ex-slaves, etc...
    If any of
    you put even one ounce of the effort you spent
    discussing the company on this message board into actually
    doing your job, you would probably still be employed
    with the company and earning a handsome

    To all shareholders...
    Rejoice! Your stock took
    an immeasurable jump when all of these respondents
    left the company.

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    • I guess cj will be taking more people than Noah had on the arc. Halfers bring it on themselves. Especially those working with radcliffe.

    • You said you have better things to do than post on the rhi
      board. Go for it and some of us will be greatful. Take
      the other malcontents with you.

    • CJ,

      I just noticed, you spend a
      significant amount of your time posting poison pen messages
      on this board. The question ends up being when do
      you find time to work. If you are currently employed
      I doubt your employer would be very fond of fact
      that you spend so much of your time on the internet
      venting bile about RHI. If you ever did work for RHI I
      can see why you were terminated, I imagine that the
      bad..bad..boogie folks at RHI took issue with your "surf time".

      If you are unemployed maybe you may want to refocus
      your energy on finding a job

    • No, I don't know all about stocks, I'll fully
      admit. I'm a recruiter, not a stock broker. But thanks
      for the lesson, Mr. Barney (or is it Solomon, perhaps

      Now please, leave me alone. I've said my peace, go on
      to some other worthless cause, like saving the dung

    • Don't contact Yahoo, I don't know what I'll do. I
      do assume you are a pseudo-Commie Democrat. What
      better way to stifle a critic than simply whine about it
      to people who don't really care, but will satisfy
      your urge just to shut you up.

      Please do no
      tell me to get a life, when all you have time to do is
      contact Yahoo!

      If you don't wish to hear all
      sides of the discussion, don't read the rambling on
      these boards.



    • Neither does a Shorter OWN the stock. He borrows
      it and sells it in the hope the price drops so he
      can buy it back cheaper and repay the loan of the
      stock at a profit.
      But what am I saying? You know
      all about that.


    • You didn't answer question 4, the most important.
      How may shares are you short?
      FYI, my son is
      entering his fourth month with RHI Consulting, having come
      from a competitor. He remains extremely pleased with
      management, opportunity, working conditions, and
      compensation, and he is ecstatic about the new comp package
      they are bringing in. Perhaps you gave up too soon?

    • 1) Top performer: yes, i ranked in the top 5% of
      the NY Region, this is why I was promoted to D.D. (If
      you'd like, I'll show you the memo from my

      2)I'm still in recruiting, for a better

      3)Just 1, Cjmariani, which is my real name also. I don't
      hide behind anything, which is why I don't use any
      other names but my own.

      4) I don't own this
      stock, came close when they took 10% of my bonus and
      withheld it for stock that I never got, nor did I ever see
      that 10% again.

      LISTEN: I'm bored with this
      board (parden the pun) and I've got better things to do
      than stay on this. I've said my peace. If you want to
      work for RHI, good, than go for it! I wish you the
      best, truly I do. If things don't work out for you,
      don't say we didn't warn you.

    • I, for one, believe there is a connection between
      the way a company treats its employees and the
      eventual financial performance of the company. Obviously
      RHI agrees. Last year, every employee was given a
      confidential survey to complete. There must have been some
      dissatifaction in the ranks because there have been some pretty
      significant changes made in management tone, compensation
      plans and employee benefits. There are even more
      changes coming, from what I've heard.
      RHI hit a bad
      patch the last couple years and managed to post decent
      results only because of the momentum of past performance.
      Thankfully, I see many of the "worst seed" managers leaving.
      Thankfully, some of the people who left, like those who post
      on this board, caused enough noise to make the
      changes possible.
      Free speech lives!

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