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  • eunmind eunmind Jun 12, 2008 1:20 PM Flag

    Basic Info About This Stock


    I'm researching and finding basic articles about this stock.
    Do you guys know what makes RNN promising?

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    • just found RNN thanks for the info, i now have added to my watch list (i check daily for news)


    • What makes RNN promising is that they have found a novel approach for ED that works through the Central Nervous System and not just at the site of action. The other ED meds on the market are Phosphodiesterase inhibtors which basically means they inhibit the breakdown of adenosine triphospate at the site of the genitals so that more blood flow is allowed into the area. RNN's approach, through its medication Zorexal, is totally different in that it creates the same effects through the central nervous system, bypassing the whole phosphodiesterase pathway, as well as charging up libido. That is what makes this stock interesting to investors. I also understand that it has potential to cure female dysfunction which is one of the grails that is being sought for by big pharma. I read how Zorexal was tried on some old geizer male mice and they turn into young strapping studs who could not get enough. If Zorexal makes it through Phase III expect the company to take off like a rocket and also become a major take over candidate. But most of Rexahn's meds are still rather early in the pipeline. However, I doubt those South Korean companies which recently gave it millions in funding would have done so if they had not planned on eventually reaping a handsome payback.

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      • keep on pumping this worthless stock, c0ck sukker!

      • I've been trying to do some background research on this company, but finding information out there is pretty frustrating.
        Are there any published studies concerning preliminary data for their erectile dysfunction drug? They keep on repeating that it's konwn to be safe, and is thought to be more effective than existing drugs on the market, but they never have any sources. These sources must be out there, since they managed to start a phase II trial, so if somebody could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

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