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  • guilderpond guilderpond Jan 20, 2011 8:25 AM Flag

    If TEVA willing to pay $1.69....

    what premium, if any, will the market give the stock today? So far, no premium at all.

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    • People, your looking at this all wrong.

      Relative to Rexahn's float, they purchased a relatively small portion of the float. This was part of an agreement forged in 2009, where Teva made the initial equity investment in Rex. They could have made another 12 months later but didn't. The agreement was amended though the 8k which allowed them to extend the deadline.

      It's a kin to a partnership for the RX compound. For example, some partnerships lead to the company picking up the tab for a set of trials. This was designed to assist Rexahn in the development of the compound.

      It has absolutely nothing to do with the actual value of Rexahn's shares. They paid a premium on a few million shares as part of a pre-arranged agreement. Nothing more, nothing less. With was essentially a private placement above market value, which was part of the deal.

      So today the shares are trading at roughly $1.35. Thats the true value, thats the market value.

      Don't take a position thinking these shares are worth $1.69, because they are not, your not getting a deal.

    • By buying today at $1.35 you are getting a 20% discount to Teva's $1.69

      Something wrong with that?
      This a biotech....nothing is a given....just keep on trading it.

      Good luck.

    • guilderpond,

      People sell a stock for a lot of reasons. They only buy a stock for ONE REASON. Because they think it's going to go up and they'll make money.

      Teva's purchase is a nice vote of confidence for RNN. I'm not too concerned about where RNN is priced today. I'm in RNN for the long haul. It'll be a $10 one day. Wish I could tell you the exact day, but I can't.

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