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  • jbc7719 jbc7719 Aug 19, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

    Not looking good for Rexahn.....

    Granted we are in the midst of a global economic meltdown but other bio techs are bouncing here and there....Rexahn, not so much.

    Two things here, precede with caution: in the short term I believe another capital raise is coming. Rexahn has done two pipes going back the last three years. One down for 2011, one to go.

    Rexahn has never produced an extremely strong top line read out, set of data on any of their three lead candidates. Meaning the stock has never rallied or shot up on a read out. If you want, pull historical prices that correspond with the top line read outs. This is not my opinion, it's fact. Rexahn top line readouts are followed up by data mining expeditions on subgroups, the trials on a whole have never achieved stat sig and been viewed as successful. Look no further than the PPS of this company with supposedly three blockbuster phase II candidates.

    With that said I believe we are the point where the confidence has been lost in the company and the management team. We are at the part of the journey where if they do not produce stellar, stat sig top line results in the future the share price will suffer greatly.

    That said your now betting on the same team who brought us a Seradaxin read out last year at NASAQ only to implode the deliver a knock out top line read out for the first time.

    I wish your guys luck but with so many top name pre-clinical bios now on sale does it make sense risking your money on Dr. Ahn and crew to deliver the goods for the first time ever.

    Happy trading....

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    • Agree with u completely. This jcc is a pos basher with some stupid agenda.

    • Then why r u here?

    • I held shares prior to the Seradaxin NADAQ debacle run up. Never bought in again. Never held a short position either.

    • Randy, there are people like jbc on almost every MB. if they can't answer a simple question like do you own this stock, be very leary of them. Most have agendas. They are either shorting, bashing becasue they lost a couple hundred dollars and hold a grudge or are just idiots who post just to post about stocks they have no interest in. People like jbc don't want to fall into any of these catagories so they avoid the question. why would someone waste so much time and post such long negative messages? LOL

    • So u r saying that if the results are not "stellar", then the .93 will crash to what: .40? It's not priced in at these levels already? Can u announce your answer to this on the record?

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      • First, another round of financing will lead to an immediate decline, how much I cannot say. You also have to contend with the shady hedge funds who finance them only to turn around and naked short their stock. Rexahn is hardly the only victim of this practice, it's industry wide.

        On the top line read out: they cannot continue to data mine their trials to justify another follow up trial. We're at the end of the line here with that game. Look no further that the last Seradaxin trial. They ended up isolating 7 patients out of the whole study to base the next trial on. The stock crashed when the data was released. You can only get away with that so many times, eventually the entire trial has to achieve stat sig, you can't data mine every trial. This is it for Seradaxin folks, this next read out is do or die.

        It's my opinion that if just one of the three lead candidates has another sub par read out, could see PPS anywhere from .30-.60 cents. They either have to deliver the goods rather soon or the market will suss them out for what they are.....grasping at straws.

        That said, based on the previous behavior of the current management team, and their failure to deliver thus far, is this a bet you guys really want to take? Especially with BPAX and AEZS, KERX on sale??

        The hour is getting late for Rexahn guys. Same promises have been made for years and the company is burning through cash like it's cord wood.

      • Gold is just pi**ed that AEN sucks. He's paid to recruit buyers as he can't get rid of his shares over there.

        RNN has major reward IF results are good. Yes this is a risky stock. Yes the market is turmoil, however + results will yield a + investment to I believe $3/share.

        YES...they will likely need more money sooner or later but not right now.

    • Yeah jbc im feeling about the same way, nice post too! As NOT like dumb-cht rambo or whatever a/k/a F&sFk?? doesnt understand IM DONE w/ d.d. cause with this puppy after 3 years, ITS NOT GETTING ME CLOSE TO EVEN; so simply stated again, it only seems like once this RNN hits a new bottom (im thinking .86cent) does it rebound and it one has the guts to jump-in for more shares to cost-leverage IS ONE EVER GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE TO GET BACK. "for me, this is the only way i can feel good about gettin close to even" lmao W41

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