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  • randysandow randysandow Aug 19, 2011 11:00 AM Flag

    Not looking good for Rexahn.....

    So u r saying that if the results are not "stellar", then the .93 will crash to what: .40? It's not priced in at these levels already? Can u announce your answer to this on the record?

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    • First, another round of financing will lead to an immediate decline, how much I cannot say. You also have to contend with the shady hedge funds who finance them only to turn around and naked short their stock. Rexahn is hardly the only victim of this practice, it's industry wide.

      On the top line read out: they cannot continue to data mine their trials to justify another follow up trial. We're at the end of the line here with that game. Look no further that the last Seradaxin trial. They ended up isolating 7 patients out of the whole study to base the next trial on. The stock crashed when the data was released. You can only get away with that so many times, eventually the entire trial has to achieve stat sig, you can't data mine every trial. This is it for Seradaxin folks, this next read out is do or die.

      It's my opinion that if just one of the three lead candidates has another sub par read out, could see PPS anywhere from .30-.60 cents. They either have to deliver the goods rather soon or the market will suss them out for what they are.....grasping at straws.

      That said, based on the previous behavior of the current management team, and their failure to deliver thus far, is this a bet you guys really want to take? Especially with BPAX and AEZS, KERX on sale??

      The hour is getting late for Rexahn guys. Same promises have been made for years and the company is burning through cash like it's cord wood.

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      • actually I would say that RNNs story begins or ends with the results of Serdaxin's 2b trial results. Those results are supposed to be released in the Fall.

        The latest 10q seems to point to the need for more financing. They better have a good reason to raise cash and Serdaxin better give the Market a very convincing reason not to take RNN to the woodshed when they raise new cash.

        Forget Zoraxel and Archexin. Those results are a long way off, as well as their cancer compounds. RNN has had the luxury of having 9 Lives when it comes to maintaining interest through speculation.

        If Serdaxin data is not very impressive w/o debate regarding its efficacy and side effects, there is no way the next cash raise will not destroy the stock PPS for a long time.

        Zoraxel and Archexin won't keep the speculation fires alive if Serdaxin fails to deliver.

      • So then u don't own rnn and u are recommending we sell it? The 100000 volume per day really indicates that u know something we don't. Would I be correct?

    • Gold is just pi**ed that AEN sucks. He's paid to recruit buyers as he can't get rid of his shares over there.

      RNN has major reward IF results are good. Yes this is a risky stock. Yes the market is turmoil, however + results will yield a + investment to I believe $3/share.

      YES...they will likely need more money sooner or later but not right now.

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