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  • luiirigi5aaa luiirigi5aaa Aug 30, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    TEVA news is already priced into this stock

    Share price has been holding after dropping to 32 cents in pre-market the day TEVA made their announcement. In fact on Friday share price went up so if the news was so awful why didn't the share price go down on Friday instead of actually going up from the previous trading day? Share price is actually 17% higher off its low of 32 cents when the TEVA news came out. 32 cents was the RNN pre-market share price the day the announcement was made.

    RNN might or could make an announcement that they have a partnership with another pharma so what do you think that will do to the RNN share price if that were to happen?

    Maybe TEVA wants to buyout RNN at a cheap price?
    Why would TEVA still hold millions of RNN shares?

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    • What institutional owner, who could instantly flash crash a stock, sell their shares all at once?

      Why would they publicly ANNOUNCE the sale?

      How do you expect to know anything of worth after just a few days?

      Someone on another forum mentioned this stock so I thought I'd look into it. And it's interesting. Now could be a good buying opportunity for the long term. If it does drop in to the 0.20's then a long term investor may be wise to purchase more. As a TRADE and not an investment it could swing either way.

      I'll be leaving this alone as a trade Spec. For the long term investor this could be a good time to buy the stock on sale. I don't know the Company well enough to consider it a Long Term investment so I'm passing on RNN at the moment. I've been Very happy with the companies I've chosen, ISIS and SGMO, over the years and RNN seems interesting so hope it works out for those Long.

      Good Luck to the traders. As always You do You.

    • Perhaps another Bio as RNN does not need Teva.....this stock is ready to really BO these numbers next week.....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • imho good analysis, nevertheless, if stock trends followed such logically deduced paths ...then some of us could be guaranteed millionaires...:-)

    • emotion and conjecture are two things that will make you go broke. stick with the facts that are known. we may very well be in a dead cat bounce and if that is true this may just be halftime of the price drop. dont count your chickens before theyre hatched. im losing my butt right now in this stock but i still manage to think rationally cause i still gotta dollarcost average my way out of this mess.

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      • are the only one posting here that is actually making some sense. I have to believe most people are in the red in RNN at the present time. It should be no real surprise that the serious selling was done, and a temporary floor "appears" to be established here. So people are expecting RNN to creep up or rebound. Why do some on this board not take seriously the Market's take on Teva's action? You are in no-man's land in this stock at these levels.
        It also should be no surprise that Teva isn't going to dump their shares....that doesn't mean they won't be lowering their position in the weeks/months ahead. Time will tell.
        It's really incredible how people talk like nothing serious has taken place b/.c the stock isn't at .15 cents today. I would encourage you not to chase RNN. If could be very true, as you said, it may only be halftime of the price drop. Until I hear someone from Teva, RNN or a respected independent analyst clarify Teva's recent decision, that is my position too.

      • very well said i too as of now have landed myself in such a mess so much so that i can't even dollar cost average :-( in self retrospect mine is a classic case of the greed component overtaking my investing prudence...and u r point of sticking to the known facts is a very pertinent indeed!

      • "crank", I don't understand the purpose of your posting, please explain.
        You sound like a father lecturing his daughter about what she should spend her money on.
        Are you really worried about other people you don't even know buying shares of this stock because you are concerned that the share price will go lower and that they might lose some money here?

        "crank", Do you expect us to believe or trust you?

        Tell me what I posted that is not correct about TEVA owning millions of RNN shares and they have sold NONE!!

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