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  • cam_d_scam cam_d_scam Oct 9, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    When I was working at Sepracor we knew about a compound similar to R-3117


    And I was tasked to create a process that would cleave some unwanted isomers from the small molecule...they were a bi-product of the fermentation I was aware more than ten years ago of the drug potential since we were conducting preliminary CMC studies to see how profitable the marker would be. Then, we got sidetracked with Prozac and Lunesta and the rest is history... I always wondered who would pick up the slack on the SM and paten away from the art SP had in place, and Bazinga fiv came forth,,,one is right hereunder your nose! RNN. You see 3117 acts as an an enzyme antagonist and it binds to cells with abnormal telomeres,,,just lock and key stuff,,,the cells membrane permeation causes little disuation since it is small molecule. It is very effective and will be effective until a cell mutation moots its efficiency which may or may never happen. INO seems to be on target to fix that problem though with a slam duck force the cell membrane open via electron channeling. I digress, but wait, can you just imagine electroporation in combination with small molecules? WOW! it would be like issuing mini neutron bombs. Anyway, the product is a winner. Many corps were in the race to make the same molecule and most lost out. I believe Millenium sold the right to a few patents, but Rexahn already beat them to it so they looked to other markets. As for Teva. They made a business decision which is to focus on one particular therapy area. Most corps are going that route now, so even a slam dunk winner long term may not be a valid portfolio product based on corporate recognition. I mean could you just imagine Fresenius purchasing an oncology product? Doesn't make Teva did the right thing and if Sanofi or Roche or Merck pick this one up,,,see yah! Light out !!!! fast track all the way.

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