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  • qbsmooth2508 qbsmooth2508 Jul 7, 2009 12:28 AM Flag

    Children's Place Performance Summary

    Children's Place has shown out-performance relative to its apparel retailing peers throughout the recession, posting positive same-store sales results in 6 of the last 7 quarters. See a complete performance breakdown at

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    • This says it all for this quarter:
      Growth Est PLCE Industry Sector S&P 500
      Current Qtr. -700.0% -5.7% -4.0% N/A
      Next Qtr. 23.8% 57.5% 63.5% N/A
      This Year 12.3% 5.5% -4.4% N/A

    • MY MY My! So the bean counters and armchair analysts GOT IT WRONG AGAIN! Keep swallowing the "interim" managements lies and stuff it's good for you ... It certainly worked for me - down in after hours - down today - down tommorow?

      I certainly cleaned up here AGAIN with the clueless analysts and out of touch investors too lazy to actually look at the disasters occurring daily on this wrecked company.

      The company controlled by condemned, unqualified and parasitic individuals rfo management simply don't standa chance and it looks like the analysts will never get it.

      So keep posting what a great ship the Childrens Place Titanic is, luxurious and good. My what a talented Marthas Vineyard gentleman, interim Captain Crovitz is (he said he's the best Captain sailing North, so it must be true) and ignore all icebergs because the analysts and advisors and management say they just don't exist.

      And keep me happy shorting. Yohoho Childrens Place. Why don't you just give Captain Crovitz some more titanic loads of cash for him and his mates magnificent performance ?!?!!

      MYSECAUCUS, N.J. (AP) -- Children's apparel retailer The Children's Place Inc. said Thursday its same-store sales fell 12 percent in June, a bigger drop than analysts predicted.
      Same-store sales fell 15 percent in the U.S. and 5 percent in Canada. Total sales for the five-week period ended July 4 fell 9 percent to $111.9 million.

      Same-store sales, or sales at stores open at least a year, are a key measure of retailer performance, because they measure growth at existing stores rather than from newly opened ones.

      Comparable retail sales, which include online sales, declined 12% in June 2009 following an 18% increase for the same period last year. During June 2009, comparable store sales declined 15% in the U.S. and declined 5% in Canada

    • Wonderful just keep buying! after all we can't short if their aren't any more naive bean counters left here! It's pencil pushing couch analysts gotten the economy in the mess it's in.

      Thanx for the Bernie Madof logic - everything is just fine! Look at Madofs returns! Look at the nice piechart. Laziness in ground fact checking and infrastructural integrity are the reason wars and companys are lost. The armlength gullibility such as you display, is the reason major investors have lost here. I'll bet you believe in more govt bailout plans too. And that oil will hit $400 a barrel this summer... and that internet and telecom stocks only go up ... and God loves the confederacy ... and we'll be done in Afghanistan in a week...

      Keep reading and hopefully keep buying because I'm looking for more shorts - your link proves the saying theres a sucker born every minute !

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      • The last 4 quarters, 3 times, they
        MISSED the earnings.
        Next quarter will also be NEGATIVE.
        Based on the fundam., the stock is
        allready at his 2010 target.

        Blind AH.

        Finerman, the world s most dumbest
        stock apprentice, of the lost money
        botcher "gang" has a buy on the stock!!
        The hedge fund nanny is preparing
        the next shorter pitfall....

        ..look, who has bought today???
        The fake nanny!..happens allways
        one day after a buy call, to lure
        more idiots. her SRS call.."buy at 53$.." 20$!!

        Weak up, dreamer or go down.
        The hedge fund viper i s behind you!

        If you do nt believe me, check her
        ugly, liar, loser track record!

        But not my problem.

        DOW next 7650.

        Do you allways trade the worst
        garbage within 1000s of much better

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