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  • jmj66666 jmj66666 May 6, 2011 2:20 PM Flag


    I'm disappointed -- because I was hoping the stock would drop back to $4.00, which is where I planned to put in a substantial buy order. I thought that the 4Q earnings might have been due to stockpiling as suggested by Derm a couple of months ago. I'm guessing Crazy and Logical are also a bit disappointed.

    It appears the analyst was taken by surprise by the paper cost due to warrants - that's why revenues one million dollars greater than predicted resulted in minus 2 cents of earnings rather that a much greater than one cent that the analyst predicted.

    The good news is if the stock price stays around the $6 mark for the Q2 report, we will not suffer the paper cost of warrants and the GAAP earnings should be much greater than what the analyst currently predicts (which is one cent) and probably will be closer to the non-GAAP earning for Q1 (which is 7 cents). Of course, if the stock price should rise to $7 or more, that would be good too!

    Thus, I agree with Rincon that the analyst will certainly up his top and bottom line estimates in the next couple of weeks. I also agree that some members of the BOD who have been around 10 years or more should be replaced (there were numerous flops and disappointment on their watch). I would like some new members to move the company even more strongly in the direction of SALES and MARKETING (both nationally and internationally).

    Finally, the sales generated by ClindaReach are negligible - I'd like to see the company sell the rights to that product to somebody else as it is more of a distraction than anything else.