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  • singbad1 singbad1 Jul 28, 2011 11:22 AM Flag

    Dusa Pharmaceuticals

    Re: Warrants
    I heard from someone, somewhere, that they are trying to retire the warrants with strike prices of $5.00. What does that mean? Why are they doing that? Is that the reason for the price of the stock to decline?

    This stock is definitely in the short and medium term decline. In the afterhours trading, it went as low as $5.26/share.

    I would speculate that it may dive down to $4.50 before there is a turn around of the price. What is your opinion.

    The 80% profit margin for this stock is about as ridiculous as a dividend rate of 20% for a company known as Tellular Corp. (WRLS). In anycase, both companies are trying to increase shareholder value.

    What are your thoughts my sailors!!!!

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    • If revenues are up 30% or more it adds creedance to the belief that the first 2 quarter earnings numbers are sign of a trend and not a fluke. The additional new revenue over fixed cost is at 80% plus margins. We may see 10 cents or more in earnings for the quarter and a 16% rise in the price of the stock for the week.

    • the margins of 80% will just grow because it costs about 3 dollars for the raw materials and a couple of dollars for the package.They are only producing at a tiny % of manufacturing capacity so all new revenues go to bottom line.We will see the numbers Tuesday morning.My feeling is that revenue growth will be up 30% to 35% over last year and the stock will be up 20% for week.We will know for sure with in one day.

    • Well with the national debt threat just over, a good monday looks like its on the way. Followed by an early anouncement (always a good sign when earnings released before opening and cc too before market opening), we should see a significant move up and then hopefully a repeat of the 2004 run up. That would make my year.