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  • corcept2 corcept2 Aug 2, 2011 7:35 PM Flag

    Time to accumulate

    The accumulation will be for months as this won't have another catalyst until the next quarterly report comes along that shows both revenue and earnings growth. That may be one, two, or three quarters away. So be it. I'll keep buying and waiting. DUSA has a virtual monopoly in this field for treating skin problems the way they do. That means in the near term they can only see revenue and earnings growth, even if quarter to quarter it's choppy.

    I've seen this same kind of thing before, look at QCOR. Very similar growth story. QCOR meandered around between 3 and 6 before taking off to 30+ eventually. I can wait half a year, a full year or a couple years to get that great return again. Meanwhile, keep selling, I'm accumulating. And I don't have a daytraders horizon, I can wait months or years for my 10-bagger. As long as the growth story is there, I'm in. And the growth story is still intact.

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    • agreed. this was WAAAAY overdone 2day. i'll b sure 2 get in 2morrow. i'm happy investors weren't blown away. yea they missed revenue by a mill or something, but destroyed EPS! they've got a nice lill' market niche and i see this as STRONG opp!

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      • Well, I don't necessarily agree it was overdone TODAY. They DID miss on revenue. But I've seen revenue misses on a one quarter or two quarter basis before on stocks, doesn't mean much. And, it's impressive they beat on earnings despite the miss on revenue, that says their great margins are intact.

        The fact that it ended on it's low tells me it probably goes lower in the near term.

        What I am certain of is that it is overdone in terms of the next year. Going lower in the near term is more than okay with me, I don't throw all my money in at once.