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  • rincon_pr rincon_pr Nov 9, 2012 12:45 AM Flag

    skincancersurgery, I agree with what Schwab told you

    If we hold our shares, and if the deal closes (via successful tender) at whatever price, then we'll get that price regardless of whether we tender or not. The only way we don't get that price is if we sell before the deal closes or if the deal falls through.

    I was a little surprised that the stock traded so close to $8 today. I interpret this to mean one of two things: Either investors expect this deal to close very quickly or they are pricing in some small possibility that a slightly higher bid emerges. I think it is the former, but you never know. Though doubtful, another bidder could emerge since the breakup fee is only about 4.3%. Or it is possible the lawsuits will be settled for a small bump up in the price. I still think it'll be a done deal at $8 and am happy with that.