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  • roman27 roman27 Apr 28, 1998 3:45 AM Flag

    Another Stock...

    I held dusa stock for over a year. Bought at 5 and sold last october at 13 3/8. I would like to share with this board
    another stock that has enormous potential and yet is undervalued. The stock is ISCO and has increased from 7/8 to 2.75 from march to
    present. The message boards are numbering close to 6k. I've learned quite a bit from reading the thread about the stock and general
    investing. I would invite each of you to look at the charts and see for yourself what ISCO has done and the huge potential of this
    stock. They have the product and the highest technology. Big names qualcomm, Lucent and other major companies are candidates for
    this company.

    I apologize if I sound like I am trying to hype this stock, but I feel it's worth a look for any investor. I chose to post on the Dusa thread because it is this stock that I first started with.I wish all of Dusa investors the best of luck.

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    • Roman27.......People who read your post and took
      offense, obviously missed the point of your text. I will
      now add
      ISCO to the stocks i follow and will keep
      a close eye on it.
      Might even purchase a

      Thanks Roman.

    • ...hang in there...

      My miami-based dermatologist always has a waiting room of sun-damaged patients...all sorts of derm problems including the lethal mal mel.--she says its getting worse as the population ages and the impact of excess sun exposure earlier in life becomes manifest.

      She read the dusa file and related scientific papers last month. When I was in the office this week for a checkup of my own sunbelt-induced ak, she commented that she believes the product should be approved for the AK usage without difficulty,
      and that it should quickly become an important weapon against this US alone office visits for AK running >3million per yr..
      ( see the H+Q report for exact numbers and projections)
      so, with ak on the horizon and some of the other indications noted by other authors on this board DUSA seems a worthy long-term investment...

    • I personally didn't and don't take offense to people posting other stock ideas, as long as it is not trying to "pump and dump" an issue. I didn't feel that your message was that type. Good luck.

    • absolutely sounds like a hype for isco! Let's keep this a dusa chat board. patience, the news will come and the stock will be in the 20's. p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e!!!