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  • maxb3535 maxb3535 May 29, 1998 9:59 AM Flag

    It's over Dude

    Anybody know which institutions hold DUSA? I
    think alot of the volatity of the market is being
    caused by institutions dumping stocks at the slightest
    sign of a stocks weakness. Also I would never invest
    in a penny stock like HYALF, I don't care what their
    product is. You want to talk about stock manipulation,
    trade on the Nasdaq BB or PinkSheets! I believe that it
    is harder to get drug approval in the US than
    pratically anywhere else in the world, so what makes HYALF a
    lock for approval here?

    Another thought even if
    HYALF and Levulan are both approved, which one is the
    consumer (insurance company) going to pay for? My guess is
    the one that requires the least amount of treatments.

    DUSA has a good product which has been successful in
    its trials; it will find another partner in the next
    6 months and it in the long run will be a winner.
    The hardest thing for an investor is to stick to
    their guns when everyone is running for the doors.