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  • webaker_97 webaker_97 Jul 2, 1998 12:20 PM Flag

    Who Are You BTE?

    I really don't know where you stand on the
    fundamental prospect of this company. You have been extremely
    accurate in your predictions, but they all seemed to be
    based on your view of market makers and shady
    characters lurking in the halls of Wall Street. Do you
    believe this company has a good product pipeline that is
    likely to succeed, or do you believe that the products
    are hype and will never make the market?

    seems to me that you are either acutely tied in to the
    psychology of the small cap market, much more aware of the
    fundamental operations of DUSA (and/or a competitor)] than
    you will admit, or very lucky. Your

    In essence, I don't know where you're coming from
    and would like to better understand the cause(s) of
    your views and your long term outlook for this
    company. If you think it has a future, at what price will
    you buy?

    Thank you.

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    • Initially I bought Dusa in 1995 from the high 3's
      to the mid 5's then sold in the mid 12's. Didn't get
      back in again until a few weeks ago at 7 1/4 to 7 3/8.
      Sold virtually all of my position at 7 to 7 1/8 on
      June 30.

    • Thanks for the background. I understand your
      approach better now (I think). Besides the obvious, what
      sort of signs do you look for to foretell a looming
      recovery? Do you (have you) been talking to brokers and the
      company, or do you primarily look for swings in trading
      blocks and momentum shifts?

      Unfortunately, for
      better or worse, I'm in this stock for the long haul.
      From what I can tell, AK is a strong product and there
      are better products in the pipeline. In other words,
      I believe that DUSA is likely to do o.k. in spite
      of itself. One bad lesson I've learned is the old
      too many eggs in one basket cliche. I will never dump
      this much money in one stock again. Even though I
      believe that the company is likely to succeed (at least
      to the point where this will be a $20 stock within
      8-12 months), the wild ride has been too much.

      Did you get any feeling from the annual meeting
      that solidified your negative view and comparisons
      with ENML? I hope I'm not asking too many questions,
      but you provide a balance to some of the other
      opinions on this thread that is important to

      Thanks again BTE.

    • did anyone notice that at 3:45 p.m. thursday that
      the volume was at 93,000 and the price at
      $5.50....then at the closing bell someone came in and bought
      50,000 shares and the close price was $6.00.....very

    • Where have you been from 12 to now? I've been
      saaying either sell or write the calls!

      Now, if I
      wqere long, I'd write the calls - in fact i'd write a
      little more than I own - like ifd you have 1000 shares ,
      sell 13 calls, not 10

      another important aspext
      is tax sztrategy

      where do these short term
      loses fit in your tax structure. The one thing you
      probably dont want is long term losses.

      All in
      all,. my friends, i thinkk dusa is headed lower - is
      pdt still alive? I dunno - I will search the medical
      internet but keep the eye on Neoprobe - it once looked
      like a musthappen too.

      I'll buy Dusa on a
      sudden break to 4 1/2 but not a slow decline

      doesnt anybody feel annoyed by aiellos reassurances that
      have caused you to not heed my earlier

      Remember - I'm flat - i wish I was shor5t - but i'm not.
      so I have no real investment in the outcome here. -

      but dusa affords many opportunities and I
      have had great luck with it

      so - i sit - and
      watch and wait.

      i'm making a killing in ENML -
      funny how I said last week - enml at 7 and dusa at 5 ;
      instead its enml at 8 and dusa at 5 1/2

      happy july

    • Now those are real decent questions.

      wasan active wall street trader for many years - now
      retired. I understand market action - as you can see. I
      really saw the break in Dusa coming. It had a pattern. I
      have see3n this pattern masny tmes.

      So I sold
      my stock and then told everybody what I

      After 2 weeks I shorted 50 calls (the 12 1/2s mostly).
      Obviously going short was a better idea but the call
      prewmium was just too good to pass up.

      I madse
      money on that too.

      As to the company - they have
      a good product - but it took to long - 3 years ago
      it was hot - now its luke warm. - on top of that the
      underwriters and primary stock handlers seem to be shysters -
      ans shysters can milk a company dry - just look at
      selling under 3 - identical story, identical
      underwritewrs, identical backers, identical

      Now how much smarts did it take to write those calls
      against long positions? better question, how much
      hustling did it take to get people NOT to write those

      The market evidence is all there - annual meeting
      followed by new block sales and slowly drifting lower

      I'm not so smart. I wish Dusa would break
      to 4 1/2 in one day - I'd be a sure buyer. right now
      i'm flat but i'm pissed off at the hustlers who have
      stopped some of the small timers from getting ouit

      so, is that altruism on my part, with nothing to
      gain? - kind of...

      I had the same tracking
      history with ENML, i'm short it, long it, short it again,
      now i'm long it.

      the tape tells the

      i lose money too.

      so - where am i coming
      from? probably a place you couldn't really imagine -
      not because of any deficiency on your part but
      because it just doesn't fit in the game.

      by the
      way, I'm having sit-and-wait feelings about IDBEF - i
      dont like the tape action here. - i own A LOT of stock
      at lower prices but I keep seeing a supply come out
      here at $4.

      so, my recomendation is

      I solds a little more ENML at 7 1/2 but I'vew got
      lots more.