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  • dorothyd37 Dec 8, 2009 9:15 PM Flag

    crows dinner

    will be served soon to all the non believers

    1500%..sofar from the bottom
    many more 1500% still coming...
    rvgd..will be the best stock of 2009/10...

    or i will heat my crows...myself

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    • No, what I am saying is simply what the Owner is saying. He made a V8 that you can drop into any car that is running with a V8. I think its genius. You bypass the automakers that way (the ones who killed innovation for the last several decades) and you are able to sell to anyone that has the typical American car - plain and simple. The Chinese car companies have already offered huge dollars for the motor and he is not selling - he says its not about the money. But I am sure he will make more in the long run by doing exactly what he is doing. If you look at the history of the thing; its very similar to what happened to the computer industry and video game industry. The big three can now be called the little 3 (Manny, Moe, and Jack) only Ford will survive. They ran Tucker and others out of business because of their dangerous innovations - same would have happened with this miracle motor if the Owner had sold to the car companies.

    • So what your saying is that of the option of selling their motor to companies that would buy hundreds of thousands of them, they chose a company who puts fender skirts on cars and then tries to sell those cars for $50,000. above market price. So far to date, the company has made no revenues. Are you really trying to tell me that this choice was the best one they could have made. The company doesn't even have a car to put it in. This is, has been, and always will be nothing more than a share selling scam. Pump it if you want to, but only so you can profit and move on, don't give me any B.S loyalty to the company.

    • You are right - the big three are where the action is... they should sell to the Big, well managed, genius three. The guys who can't design a car anyone wants to buy, that have been outrun for years by Japan - that borrow billions from the people just to stay afloat.
      The engine maker does not want to sell out - so you can figure the same for Revenge. However the lesson is the same. The stock trades up if the product does well and shows well. If not, it goes down. Kind of like the ipod - it really showed well at the electronics show... are you getting this ?

    • KerrFlush

    • It would seem the only ones eating crow are the pumpers of this scam. See you folks when it hits .0002 again.

    • looks like the top is soon higher than .02. The more I investigate the more it looks like the real deal...
      I am a free thinking conservative - not a liberal phony

    • Crow,

      The possibilities with RVGD are endless. The bashers have to be in a panic cause they soon will cease to exist. I say, let them eat crow, while we bask in our profits.

      • 1 Reply to pammy644
      • Have any of you beleivers done any DD on this company?? Well that would be hard to do, since they haven't made one filing since becoming RVGD with the help of Steve Carnes ( SEC Investigation) No declared revenues from the so-called successfull Ridgeline, or Modified GTO. Now the Verge that is nothing more than a concept car.The big three put out concept cars every yr. with 1% ever being built. What do you think the odds are of a company that just had to borrow 300 thou. just to pay themselves of ever getting this into production?? GLTA but I'll wait on the sidelines for this to go back to .0002 after the R/S. But then of course with no shareholders meeting, they can just raise the O/S to 5 billion from the 2.5 which is already nearly maxed out.

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