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  • chokedbyfist chokedbyfist Jun 6, 2013 12:45 AM Flag

    TSTC was Fraudulent from the start!

    1 high volume of marketing between 2010 into 2012
    2 positive buying reports from all brokers into 2012
    5 high positive earning reports over $2 per share into 2012
    6 Live news reports of TSTC grand scale progress into 2012
    7 this is the 7th sign why all the reports vanished

    This was a fraud and should be investigated by SEC!
    Felons like this including the broker companies that supported recomended and promoted tstc fraudulent activity should compensate investors losses. Why? Because TSTC never produced as claimed nor payed there investors on there quarterly profits. I never ever had any gain
    from there positive quarterly earnings up to $1.68 per share.

    So where is this #$%$ going now? thats what I think TSTC is from birth just a piece of #$%$. TSTC has disrespected the US investors with there #$%$ like i've seen over and over in all china stock, like a disease that needs a permanent cure! Maybe thats what china has going for them! just a bunch of crack addics that no one can detect because you could never understand from the begining what there spitting out in there words besides #$%$!

    This is what happened when trading haulted at .84 they held conference as to whom should be paid out before they close up including any important US investors that may create some type of grand law suit, So after there investor list was audited, they distributed the payouts in private leaving common share holders with the #$%$ they are before you ever new them!
    So I say they are complete #$%$ and all those that spoke and continue to speak of them so well are even worse than the #$%$ they promoted, Maybe like the #$%$ from a dieing animal or maybe not so bad for the zoo keeper, like he is so use to cleaning up all the #$%$. Maybe the common investors are the real zoo keepers of the trading market. the real problem is evry stock on teh market is really just #$%$! It does'nt matter if it's high or low, It only depends on how many hold onto the #$%$ before they let it go

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