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  • hamsaallah hamsaallah Jun 14, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    I love being right about this stock

    So many HUGE CATALYST coming up within the next few months. Big time cancer drugs with big time money potential. I don't know who the fools were that sold the last two weeks but big shout out for letting me pick up ridiculously cheap shares.

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    • If they fail in the prostate cancer trail ( which is not unlikely) you'l look like an idiot... Let me ask you a more germane question; how do you access their scientific approach.? What are they doing right and wrong in their approach to improve the diagnostic capabilities of probable success for their compounds?
      If you have no POV on that your betting blind; might as well go the Las Vegas.. Which from what I can see fits you. Stick to a slot machine, fits your intellect..

    • Look genius, they have no drugs near approval. 398 is late stage but will not be on the market until early 2015.
      It is not a drug based on their technology. 121 is in several Phase III trials, and it was created with their network biology. But it is years away from an NDA.even with the power of Sanofi. This is a high risk biotech company and will be a better buy once they have good data and more money in the bank. If 398 does not reach its end point it is going to crush the stock and that data won;t be available until November at the earliest according to the company. So some of the fools you derided probably bought the stock a lot less than $4.
      They have a lot going for them so give it a rest and let them create results. They have not entered into another collaboration as they have promised, and they will need money sooner than later.

      If there are so many huge catalysts why did you sell?

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