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  • bi_kcgirl bi_kcgirl Dec 3, 2013 11:51 PM Flag

    Is this another Dilution of Shares on the horizon?

    I've been digging thru the past files and this is all looking rather similar to past run-ups;

    September 24, 2012 MACK surged more than 18% intra-day to $11.11 per share. And although some investors took profits at the top, the stock finished the day with an enviable 9.5% one-day gain. Over the next 30 days fell back to $6.18

    July 10, 2013 Merrimack files to sell $50M in common stock; $75M in convertible senior notes after the stock rises to 6.99 and once completed has fallen back to $5.05 and hasn't gained back it's value yet.

    Why is it that the current guru on this stock, mensa_1982, 676 posts | Last Activity: 2 hours 39 minutes ago Member since: Nov 5, 2013 has been here less than 30 days yet everyone believes him to be all knowledgeable?

    Do these companies hire professionals to generate excitement in the stock prior to the big selloffs? Generating false hopes of buyouts and break-thru's?

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    • if your purpose is to generate negative feelings toward the co, your post is a decent start. i enjoy reading posts on both sides if well presented. so far only a few posters on this board are capable of writing cogent long pieces, but none has come forward to present a readable short piece. hopefully you stick around and allow me to see the other side for my own decision making purpose, IF you can bring quality that is.

      i asked a similar question several days ago and did not receive any reply. then again, since i goof around here and tend to "clog up" the space, i expect to be treated like a dog with rabies by folks who are prim and proper :)

      the point you have raised remains valid. apparently wall street was taken by surprise about the last financing arguing whether mack needed that much money in their hands at the expense of stock price. am i concerned for whatever reason that they want to raise more money than the 180 mil they have already? sure, since they took folks by surprise last time. is the concern for financing IN THE NEAR FUTURE that much of a factor in my decision making? on a scale of 0-10, perhaps a 1 or 2.

      why? because i look at the whole picture and financing surprise is just one. currently if there are 10 factors affecting the stock price, i would say 9 is positive and 1 is iffy. so when any investors including you look at the whole picture, you play with the odds that is presented as a whole. tough to bash if the chairman of the board bought with cash another chunk just couple days ago, not to mention the seemingly concerted effort by the management team to send a signal to the street that they are ready to run up.

      when i arrived here several weeks ago, i was appalled how boring--therefore peaceful, civilized and quaint to others?---this board was. then i started asking questions and boogins was particularly knowledgeable and articulate.

      mensa is a loose canon but often aims the barrel at himself.

    • The first drop in price was due to employee lock-up expiring and workers cashing out (some of whom had probably been sitting on stock options for a decade given Merrimack's age). Not sure about the cause of the run-up, but it would have been a much easier stock to manipulate back them (look at the average daily volume for Aug 2012, under 100k shares vs. the multi-millions now). Its possible some bigger investors bid it up in advance so that the pps would better weather the flood of shares about to bit the market.

      The second drop was after the financing which, if you looked at the company's books and burn rates, was going to have to happen sooner or later. Look at their books now and its a totally different story, they're sitting on a year of cash, which is close to as good as you get for a pre-market Biotech of this size.

      I believe that some companies hire pros to drive demand in advance of dilutions and have seen it. But if you look at the history, no one was posting on Yahoo around either of those previous run-ups the way some people are now. The current clog-up on the board is just people talking up their personal holdings, probably for their own gain. I consider it all irrelevant because the fundamentals of the science are great, the pipeline is deep, and clinical results are coming back positive. Not to mention the 13 million shorts that showed up around the drop from $7 to $5, so now is the time for them to get out if they want to stay profitable.

      If Merrimack was going to hire pros don't you think they wouldn't be throwing kindergarten insults at one another? Companies get better results with media campaigns through real channels.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • hey bi kcgirl. It does not matter what you think about MACK. What matters is the reality. You are wrong, IMO. But if you are not convinced, do not invest. Keep watching from the sidelines.

    • You bring up excellent points. Yes, they do hire professional pumpers. MJNA had DrSteven51 a year ago, and he was very convincing. This Mensa character is very convincing too, but he doesn't understand the proper use of they're VS their. You have to be careful and vigilant.

    • I'm here, no need to call me out.

      To begin with I DO NOT LIKE YOU but I answer your questions {once}
      for I do not like nor entertain abrasive tones in ones sideways syntax.

      A corporation at any research level subsidizes it's functionable income with warrants and other tools to generate and sustain a business enterprise and MACK is no exception. In this respect the cash balance position of the MACK is at 120 Mill, their all set for now. In addition they have procured a new base of private equity since your little Red Riding Hood story took it's stroll to sell off land.

      Now to end this discussion further without much adeu -

      My Yazoo alias was derived from a pedigree which from time to takes on a new generation thanks to Yazoo's inactivity policy, MB debarment or other. Good DD on the timeline for any minion can click and see.

      "All knowledgeable" comes from an excellent education, hard work and plenty of experience (both good and lessons learned -bad).

      No one has to read from me, believe me, or answer me for I am holding no flame to ones feet or passivating ones mind while the Koolaid takes effect. And if you feel otherwise in your pseudo-psychosis high anxiety state I recommend you put me on ignore, do not invest, and disappear. It is clear your value add is of no value, here.

      Understand? (dum dum #3 on the Ignore list)

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      • Merrimack expects its existing unrestricted cash and cash equivalents and available-for-sale securities as of September 30, 2013 of $182.5 million, anticipated interest income and funding under its license and collaboration agreement with Sanofi (SNY) related to MM-121 to be sufficient to fund operations into 2015.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Breakthroughs, not break thu's. Nobody understands the proper use of apostrophes.

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