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  • Fish2026 Fish2026 Oct 6, 2000 11:42 AM Flag

    MRBA was $68, CTIC is still $61 up $60

    If youre not a day trader- then its best to look
    at the big picture.

    1.Does anyone know how
    MRBA's software/solutions compare to

    2. Is the slow quarter temporary? If the sales are
    only deferred and still growing than this is a

    I hope someone can answer this.

    On a side
    note-- Jhunt wrote " I take my hat off to the shorts-
    give credit where its due"

    Mr Hunt you meant
    your pants didnt you?

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    • I have followed Marimba but have never
      bought/shorted its stock and I'm only a techie.

      The main
      reason I didn't buy was techie. At the time I started
      it, I thought push technology had an
      future. Later, when it was clear it didn't, I didn't see
      any other significant use for Marimba's technology.
      Everything that it can do, other technologies have been
      starting to do. For example, deploying applications to
      desktops can be done by Microsoft, Veritas, etc. Also,
      with applets, active-X controls and web access, this
      is of less use. There will always be the case like
      Schwab or Intuit of updating their customer's remote PCs
      but that is a limited market, IMHO. As for
      the new
      Timbale software, it seems like a last gasp. Too much
      competition from CA,IBM,SUN,Microsoft, etc.

      The reason
      I never shorted them is frankly
      I never had the
      guts to. It was a stock that
      defied my techie
      reasoning and I didn't want to
      get burned by a momentum
      wave it may catch. From reading this board and the Kim
      Polese fans, this could have certainly

      I think Marimba has been caught
      in a technology
      shift that has left it
      very limited future potential
      unless their business plan changes. As for the
      quarter, remember that every healthy
      software company
      has a sales backlog which
      is used to iron over a
      few sales that are missed each quarter. The size of
      this miss
      indicates that their backlog well is dry.