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  • tenelshof Jan 20, 2010 5:54 PM Flag

    jr you bore me

    at least i have a position in something rather than post all day for nothing now thats funny, i am averaging down and dilution will be over and good news should come soon, but you keep posting makes you look like a fool we all know it will go back up now its later rather than sooner, so whats your excuse for posting bwa ha ha ha ha ha .

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    • Thats her #1 line
      You don't have a position,
      You know where the trailer park is ?? single or double wide
      same ole same ole~~
      Do I
      have a dog in the fight??
      a stake in >>
      bee's exposed to the risks ??
      Conversely ~perhaps ??

    • jrmonier Jan 20, 2010 6:07 PM Flag

      you just cant admit your wrong and i wouldnt bore you if you were the last woman on earth how much did you lose today

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      • Nothing is lost or made until you sell. I have bet against tenel in the past and was wrong, you will profit by paying attention. In any event there is never good cause for using vulgarities in personal attacks. It's sad that some people need the anonymity of the internet to give them a sense of power.

      • tenelshof Jan 20, 2010 7:11 PM Flag

        how much did you lose or make today. lol and as far as your alter ego cherokee seriously who would sit on a message board and bash a stock they have no position in? it baffles me unless no i hope you dont get paid for bashing because your not very good at it, good ones are the ones you dont even know it, but dumb and dumber we have here they post but make no sense like that teacher on charlie brown. i would go and apply for another job because seriously soon the company you work will find out how bad you are at bashing, here practice this line .would you like to supersize that today, ketchup with those fries, cherokee do you sit on your porch spitting watermelon seeds and eating chicken, with some how you say it notyocheese. i need a challenge these two cant have a intelligent debate. yawn yawn.

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