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  • hansungpil hansungpil Mar 25, 2010 5:40 PM Flag

    I spoke with Victoria Duff.

    First 10 minutes were just her explanation of what we know about the company, things like how much potential i-mobilze has and so on, which we all know.
    Then I asked about how much the company raised so far for 5M target, but she couldn't answer because she said she's new and tries to catch up.
    She also mentioned they will release yearly(not 1Q this year) financial report for 2009. I asked her if the company will release the quarterly report ongoing basis, she doesn't know.

    Third, I asked her if the company has any plan to increase A/S, she said, she actually talked with Joe about it, Joe told her they will not. She also added, so far, the company diluted shares to gain capitals to start up the company and to cover any possible debts they have. but this year will be different, the company makes more and more revenue and asked me to understand that's how it works for a startup company to grow.

    Fourth, I asked, why their sub companies are not answering the calls. If they want to attract more potential clients, they should be responsive to phone calls and emails. She said, Metatron is right now focusing on i-mobilize. That's all she said. Again, That's probably because she doesn't know the company in detail yet as newly hired consultant or just the sub companies are bullshits as I guess.

    She also said, the company makes 120% revenue out of 100% invested to contents. So, my assumption is, they make 20% net profits, then from next year, the net profits will be at least double or triple excluding the other royalties and maintenance related expenses.

    At the end of the talk, I had an expression that she doesn't have any detailed information about the company, but the revenue information was very good.

    One at a time, guys. At least she spends time with us. But I really wish to talk to some management persons regarding how the company goes on, and also hope Victoria Duff is not a person Joe puts in front to protect him doing his crook behavior as he's done so far. Until she goes to the level where she can give us more valuable and detailed information knowing the company better, I think I just go with my gut feeling.

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    • Nice DD, bro. I'm hoping to speak with her next week. Giving her a few more days to settle in. I think with her background, she will be quickly wizened to any shenanigans and put a stop to them. If she is saying Joe says no dilution, then I bet she will due her best to make him stick to his word, IMHO. If he lies, I am sure she will be p'od and he will get an earful from her.

      From her credentials, she is a polished IR pro. 17 recommendations on her Linkedin profile speaks volumes.

      Sure, she could bolt... I'm hoping that doesn't happen. GLTA.

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