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  • joe_stemz joe_stemz Mar 27, 2010 4:22 PM Flag

    I Called GOIG , THRR and EMXC for more than 300% on Each. MRNJ , MMUH, THRR / Next UP my opinion

    Track Record, Recently. Called GOIG at .0006 to .014 and again from .0051 to .01 ....

    THRR from .0004 to .0039 and again at .0011 to .002 and RISING Further...

    EMXC from .0015 to .0045+

    Next Up . Have Not started to run yet...

    MMUH , MRNJ, and THRR still HOT!!!!

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    • ON ARTS -__ Im expecting a MASSIVE MOVE, Similiar to GOIG going into May. I believe we are putting a solid bottom in here, and it should return to .01+ , sooner than you know...

      LOADING UP UWRL at .0028-.0032
      Looking for possibly 3 REVERSE MERGERS into UWRL SHELL. For a move north of .015...

      1 being an electronic recycling company, and 1 being a chinese based company. I believe there is a 3rd and 4th company in the works, from digging up information.

      VPRO looking for a large move up. CHeck the charts.. Stock is getting volume, after NEVER having volume, since acquiring a Biologics Company on APRIL 14th. This company is very thinly traded. There are roughly 278 Million shares outstanding with 98 Million Restricted including shares issued to acquire the most recent company on April 14th. There are like 80 Million shares on the FLOAT.

      I believe it could be NORTH of .10 , in my opinion, short term.

      MMUH is waiting on FDA , they are in court fighting E Cigarettes.. THis one may take some time,. THey lost the initial battle, as the JUDGE voted in favor of E Cigarettes, as the FDA is trying to control and regulate them as a medical device. The judge said they are not and they are RECREATIONAL tobacco products. It is now in courts as the FDA has appealed the decision holding MMUH down...

      THRR is looking to RUN into the 30th.. Listen up bro.. I will not be holding on the 3oth. I plan on getting out during the run up... I like to play it safe.. It could be a penny it could be .000's Whatever the case may be. Expect a move up into Friday... It could easily reach .005 or so before Friday.. for 50% of Buyout offer..

      ARTS = Major Art Channel network with cartoon Rhupert and Art Distibution... Starts in MAY!!!! Expect alot of attention going into next week.....

      Meet me on the UWRL board for updates...

    • Well Joe, I did bounce around a bit. But, I got back on board today just as it started to run, I was keeping close tabs due to you my bro, so thanks, I look forward to the big run! I am still in arts and wating, this is hurtin a bit after the expected post divi date dump, but you still feel that has legs? I sure hope so! Also, Next week is Thrr week, do or die! What needs to happen to get mmuh moving? What do we need there. I'm not in now.

    • thrr is still cool (imo) good luck on mrnj ???

    • Thats what we're waiting for. A sustained run. GLTY

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