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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Feb 22, 2013 8:43 AM Flag

    Latest blog update sounds encouraging!!!!.....:D

    14 apps in top 200!....MRNJ might be app developer with the most apps in the highest rankings!......surely this could be a selling point to attract some new clients/business.......I'm really hoping that once they manage to get a dedicated revenue stream of $250k/quarter or $1M/annual that they will take one quarter to build up some cash reserves....and only spend $100k for the quarter and bank $150k......of course, I'm basing this concept and sheer ignorance since we can never see any detail as to the expenses MRNJ incurrs.....for all I know we could be looking at GROSS revenue numbers before they pay their clients(Harrold, Trolle, Bonetti, and the rest of the Hitler youth) their %.....which would mean the revenue numbers are inflated by whatever pay these people.......and this would be BAD accounting imho since you should only show YOUR/MRNJ revenues, not grossed up numbers that reflect content holders revenues as well......and if they are included, then they should state that they are and not have us guessing about this.....however, to be fair, it is my belief that the revenues are NOT grossed up and that this is the money they received directly from Apple as their percentage on the app sale and that their clients are paid directly as well........anyway, if these revenues are strictly their % take and not grossed up, I see no reason why they can't for ONE quarter keep their expenses to a minimum and build some cash reserves to be used for engaging an CPA firm to audit their financials and to be able to then pay their vendors with CASH and not shares.........and put the dilution issue to bed.....I think once you get to $1M in revs for the year there is NO reason to not be able to build up cash reserves and give yourself some liquidity security.....since that is MORE important then starting new projects that may or may not generate revenues.....and of course, I'm ONLY talking ONE quarter of austerity to build up the cash reserves and I'm also NOT talking about not paying vendors, I'm talking about NOT incurring expenses and let the stablized revenue stream help you build some liquidity, but why do I get the feeling this will NEVER HAPPEN sadly? and WHY NOT?......who knows, but if it keeps up, then I'm assuming revenues are GROSSED up and we are not seeing the payouts to their clients for share of the app sale......what else could account for the low margins we are seeing?.......and the need to continue to pay in shares?............and yes, plowing money back into the business, thats great, but eventually that gets OLD and is not generating enough BANG for the BUCK soon it will be time to take a deep breath for ONE measly quarter, BUILD CASH, and then push forward again......the GOOD it would do for the MRNJ is....well....really beyond what is currently happening with pps....:D

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    • yags, perhaps some here are missing your point or never were in business for themselves. Real growth depends on both expansion and consolidation which is what I hear you speak of when you mention cash reserve. And success depends on providing valuable goods and servces with accurate accounting. I do hope the percentages are not based on gross numbers. That would make for a different game entirely.

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      • now,
        all I'm saying is, if they are still having to issue shares to pay vendors...well, not a good sign imho....especially at this point in which they are starting to make some real gains on their revenues supposedly....and this seeming unwillingness to engage an CPA firm as well has me still stewing as well.....I don't think it would hurt if they would....just for ONE FREAKING QUARTER, go into slow mo and accumulate some cash.....I think that would SHUT everyone up around here and has the manipulators running for the hills as it would provide some legitmacy to their numbers imho....HOW HARD is that to addition, while they take that break they can then plan on what they are going to do with the new found liquidity........instead, we are told about all these great deals that never come to pass, and yet they still manage to spend money on .....something......mega app creations I would think eventually, the benefits from mega apps would soon outrun the cost of making them......RIGHT?....if not, well, then I think they should stop making mega apps if they aren't making much money producing them......isn't that business 101? You are in businsess to MAKE MONEY....not to distribute and sell apps......anyway, perhaps a bit shortsighted on my part, but I'm still game to go along with the continually punchline of plowing all liquidity back into the business...LOL.....whatever......the gross number thing has me a little concerned, but I'm not thinking its the case, but do believe its still a possibility since we don't have anyone auditing the quarterly number we get each I could see novices producing financials that show grossed up revenues rather than NET revenues.....and using the ine that all money made is plowed back into the business...which, well, is most likely true, since that would mean they aren't making enough on their margins to do otherwise than to just manage to pay their bills sadly, but it would be nice to see all this in print.....but for the time being, like any penny stock, you have to expect the worst, and hope for the best.....since there is no way of telling what is happening here other than readling blogs and reading many of the posts here from the many supposed experts both good and bad..........lot of know it alls on this board and when you pontificate...WOW!...they are the first to LEAP into action to set you straight....which is pretty amazing since, last I checked, they don't know anymore than I do....based on what information is public........I would rather have an INTELLIGENT discussion with you regarding the merits of the unknown rather than be told I'm clueless and should be buying more or selling immediately........oh the agendas.....frankly, if MRNJ is on the up and up, if they would just follow my suggestions they would see the pps increase radically rather than lanquishing here....but whatever, have at homers.....Stockmaster says you folks know what your can I argue against those wise words of wisdom......nuff said! :D

    • it would be dumb for them to put money in the bank like that...they need to expand, buy content, program better apps..think bigger yags...building cash serves no purpose..Look at Apple...even they don't know what to do with 137 billion...this is not cash hoarding time...that is a really dumb strategy

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      • At least you two are helping to provide content for the movie app."DUMB AND DUMBER"

      • by the way stockmaster, complete and utter nonsense on your part and doing it this way is NO way to run a company....especially one that have limited resources.....foolish....and keep in mind, I'm only suggesting one quarter of just letting what has been constructed to date by them to allow it to build some liquidity hard is that to understand? Apparently a lot, so instead, you and the company I suppose chose to continue to allow DOUBT to be cast on the company's ability to build liquidity and suppress the pps while blaming the moronic bashers who work for the manipulators that set up shop here..........unfckingbelievable imho!!!!......ok, I suppose I won't get my wish and that means we are going to go through 2013 without seeing any kind of cash surplus build up........nor will we see audited financials so that company could get a bank loan, and nor will see any significant movement in the pps as well....thanx, tell MRNJ to keep up with the GREAT strategy here....I'm loving every minute of it.....surely a momentary pause can be taken to get the HOUSE in order.....rather than spend the cash on things that really aren't bringing in revenues at a decent rate of return.....whatever, I'll sit back and let you show me how its done knew you were a financial genius that having $137B of cash was a problem, whereas, barely having $1k in the bank account is a "GOOD" thing.....:D Wow....what Ivy league business school did you attend? :D

      • sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......not suggesting they hoard cash, just simply take a quarter to build up some quantifiable reserves, rather than running on empty.....every company has to take a breath during the growth process, otherwise, its too big too fast which gets you NOWHERE......I'm sure you AREN't getting it and neither is the homers at MRNJ all about shareholder value idiots, without that, it really doesn't matter what your revenues its becoming PAINFULLY obvious to all of us longs here.....I keep trying to talk some sense into the nonsense here, but of course with little to show for it, then an arbitrary blurp on the blog about considering engaging a CPA firm to audit the financial.........without cash, there is NO it really that hard to understand, and to continue to pay with restricted shares is really doing loyal shareholders a dis-service, especially when we loyal shareholders have NO CLUE as to what the plan is exactly in building the company or enhancing shareholder value.....truly poor managerial skills imho......and its getting MRNJ into some serious liquidity problems now.........hoping for the best, but planning for the worst if things don't start to turn around soon........with something that will drive shareholder value....oh yeah, I forget, you are the nitwit that says management has no responsibility in enhancing shareholder values YIKES!....maybe I should run and hide now and cut my losses where they stand now if this is the attitude that pervades sad if it is......all I know is if you look at ANY publicly traded company, increasing shareholder value is numero UNO......get it right and keep it brainer....time to man up or get out of the way and let somebody else run the show there....:D

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