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  • wildbearfurn wildbearfurn Sep 19, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Have We Been Had By Management???????

    Management doesn't seem to care much about it's investors/shareholders and their responsibility to them. They have seemingly stopped doing much of anything as if they have hit a brick wall. Well management, you are still accountable and will be held accountable for you actions. You took this company public and enticed people to buy you shares of stock with the possible false hope based on your enability to perform or complete the task. So whether you know it or not, you are accountable and totally responsible for all your actions both as a business and personally. Get it done is the best course of action in my opinion. Holding with no other choice at this point!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • if you have to ask ~ the answer is ~well ?? - yea~
      LOL & GL2A....

    • keep in mind bear....Harrold and Trolle probably don't want to associate with criminals so I'd like to think we are fairly safe by that relationship, but then again, they could claim ignorance and get away with being would think they would have done some careful and legal evaluation before jumping into bed with these creeps......anyway...chin up and face forward into the unknown we go.....high hoe.....heading into the fifth straight month of sub 1/2 penny....who'd a thought??? Squaw, investman95, Kev, shok, and a WHOLE host of their aliases have been trying to "warn" us of the evil here, ...heck some of them have even suggested WE are part of the insanity.....I suppose to some extent we are, but imho, I know I'm not directly involved in any funny business and don't think you are either.....GL2AOU!!! :D

    • well always have choices sadly.....just sometimes that choice isn't easy......I agree though, with no BOD or shareholder meeting there is really nothing providing any oversight or accountability with these clowns.......I do know if a company is incorporated in Delaware any shareholder regardless of the amount of stock they own can force or hold a shareholders meeting.....look it up in the Delaware incorporations laws or consult a securities attorney......I'm not ready to force any action yet nor do I have the energy to be bothered with something like this......but, all depends on your mindset....I've given you some keys, just a matter of whether you want to drive or not...... :D until then, we sit and wait and see what the next step these geniuses take us....kind of scary, but like you say, not many other options out there at the moment..... :D

    • Yea , sorry but no one wants these "Cheap Shares"...
      Wow ?? give 'em hell Bear they deserve it...GL on getting back to a 1/2 penny N dumping with Yags ....

    • Bear, are your sentiments the results of the direct communication you say you have with them? IR has not responded to me at all. I feel the same way. This is the most frustrating stock purchase I have had in 20 years. Any hope of them taking up on Yags offer?

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