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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Oct 1, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    Well well....005???? Lookie here!

    how bout that folks....1/2 penny on measly few shares traded....gotta hand it to the manipulators, they are taking it on the chin trying to get this to go UP......must hurt them to be buying with their own money for a change...whatever.....nice to see the share price up a little for a change.... :D

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    • MM's brought it up not because of buying but to rid themselves of those toxic shares on .005

    • No you are part of the manipulation team...and the feds know it...keep it up dummy

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      • they do??? Have agent Del Zotto contact me again...he can look through all my records and investment accounts, emails, telephone calls, whatever.....I have NO affiliation with any "group" nor do I trade this stock.....believe it or not idiot, I'm a long shareholder who is tired of your poor performance and just wants to see the company do well.....not sure why you don't understand this???? unless of course you are part of the you not think that a 90% drop in value from 3 cents is a problem??? Granted, it was probably WAY overvalued at 3 cents however, its way undervalued at .005 or less....does your leaders understand this and just act like helpless sheep being led to slaughter...I have given various suggestions on how to improve the share price yet, no effort is ever made...and if you think this recent run is due to anything you are sadly mistaken as its just part of more manipulation addition, I have no delusion of granduer to think my posting on this message board will have ANY impact on the share price....and if you think that is the case, well, we need to put you in a rubber room somewhere and throw away the key for God's quit with the nonsense, use your smallish brain and figure out a way to improve share price performance if you don't want to use my suggestions, then tap into some genius ideas generated over at the "brain" trust.....this is just simply unbelievable you guys have a plan to get OFF the PINKS??? Do you guys have a plan to have your finanicals you guys have a plan on raising some equity to fund this stuff....I mean, really....what are you doing???? SURREAL! :d

    • are you not even yet ???

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