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  • ralphla54 ralphla54 Oct 22, 2007 9:53 PM Flag

    azteca You old Whore Paid Basher are you here

    SOO good to see that the hedge funds really need you. It is a sign that they are in trouble. You will get more vocal as the price rises. Many more will join you. Hey don't you worry about discovery?? This one is not like the other sheep that you guy typically rape. Hey buddy have you created any more names we can look forward to hearing from.

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    • One must hope the don't take these new reg show proposals like the borders.
      The SEC is know to do absolutely nothing to earn pay checks. cept' 4 a occasional headline. The Sec is probably more useless than the UN.

    • Aztec Ass is in cahoots with a group bashing Ableauctions. They are most likely getting sued right now by Ostk.
      They bash in groups. Sometimes pairs with alias's (who cares that's not important). They also sell at bid when the stock starts to climb. They contact each other ofter to tag team the small sells that keep driving pps's down.

      The SEC has been letting them cork screw small caps pps's into the ground. It's getting progressively worse. If the reg - show propsals are watered down & they allow the infinite fail to delivers to proceed, then it will be time to pull all of your $ out of this loosely guard financial institution.

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