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  • twobaums twobaums May 8, 2008 9:18 AM Flag

    The Southern California Investors Presentation:

    SDVI is desperate for $500,000. to keep things afloat!

    If they don't raise the 1/2 million dollars in capital
    we will NEVER see a game released!

    Reality or Fiction go to SDVI and see the PDF file for

    Don't buy no more!!!

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    • Whats this about otc? I thought it was AMEX?
      Does anyone know who the cfo is, they usually have the info on uplisting.Now is the time for uplisting, a lot of companies are getting de-listed so there is a lot of openings.

    • .........

    • I may have been too hard on twobaums in the past. At least when he speaks he sounds like a serious adult that is concerned with his investment (although a bit conspiracy driven). I totally disagree with his view point on this stock, and I think its paranoia speaking mostly. But he is free to his opinion and if its presented right, I will at least listen.

      But as far as JJ // majesco - He is a complete different ball game. He is a retard that no one can take seriously and has lost all credibility - not only on this forum. When he speaks, it starts to smell. He is a little child begging for attention and it gets more pathetic with every post.

      JJ/Majesco looking forward for your next intellectual post.

    • ... continued

      "...they bought 100% of Grafitty so they can publish all their own games."
      -They formed Grafitti not bought it, but indeed the purpose was to have their own game label, which is smart, but so what.
      --I am pretty sure they originally bought Grafitty (I could be wrong here – but I don’t think so). Either way, ‘the so what’ you are saying is very improper because if you haven’t noticed they are completely switching their business model towards going in as a publishing company. That is the future of SDVI and why it holds lots of value for the longs. If you don’t agree with this move… get out of SDVI as soon as possible.

      I am an experienced penny investor and I don’t allow these forums to affect my decisions when investing in companies. To be honest with you, most of the people here, although all important holders in the company, really won’t make a difference in the long term success of the company. Views such as Majestco and JJ are really their for entertainment purposes, anyone who lets their opinion change due to comments from them, are really just amatures goofing around.

      Anyways, I respect your opinion. I don’t mind if we disagree here. In the end I am here to make me money – as I’m sure you are as well.

      Good luck

    • The SDVI link to their PDF file:

      Look under CAPITAL RAISE!

      Recommend Stop Buying & Hold!

      • 1 Reply to twobaums
      • Sorry dude, that pdf, which was released not to long ago, only strengthens my position with SDVI.

        Even with their under estemated games sales projection they are making good profit. Just one Home Run, as they call it, is all a small company like this needs to break out and hit the $1.00 plus range. But even if this doesn't happen and they hit their most basic targets, the stock price is still going to soar because up to now, the stock has been holding with NO games released. Add Phatyaffle and Elemental Engine II, plus uplisting, plus some advertisment, plus the distribution contract that they just landed and you've got a winner on your hands.

        The fact that they are trying to get $500000 is absolutely not an issue. These guys have been around for 5 years, they have past the slump in the business, they have laid out all the foundation for the company, they have obtained the rights to Nintendo, to Sony, they bought 100% of Grafitty so they can publish all their own games.

        Verdict: I will keep buying and waiting for a year or two.

    • If you Can't or (are unwilling to) read the PDF file?

      That's you're ignorant choice!

      My recommendation is to hold and not buy!

    • there is a teleconference SDVI is holding in two weeks led by none other than the CEO KEN HURLEY. Why don't you dial in and make all your accusations to the CEO directly in person, instead of resorting to these forums for your complains and conspiracy theories.

      Maybe you can tell him about all your complaints to the SEC.

    • They are currently hiring for positions within the company. People who need $500,000 to keep afloat put what is called a "hiring freeze" on my friend. We appreciate your ignorant comments thought. You keep losing money and I'll keep accumulating under $0.03 and make my money hand over fist.

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