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  • sanalyst sanalyst May 10, 2005 10:04 AM Flag

    New 2 Year Low

    Just put in at 4.43/share. This turd is sinking. Were it not for my hope of an eventual buyout, I'd dump all my shares and move on. However, there is some value in the company and the business. I believe somewhere right around 7/share. We'll not see that anytime soon unless we find a buyer. Don't hold your breath, but lets keep hoping. Our only salvation on this pos.


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    • Sure you were. Continue to ignore me longs. Keep your heads in the sand. In the meantime, I'll take my 1/2 position and make money on naps, while stkl stayes mired in the 4s, making new 2 yr lows on a daily basis. In the event I'm wrong and someone does buyout this pos stock, I still hold 1/2 position bought at a higher value. So, whine away about how I don't know what I'm talking about. Either way, I'll make $.


    • 'turd'...'pos'...and yet you buy more? You must be one hell of a drag at parties sanalyst (even your name contains 'anal'?) - or else you're a closet coprophagist? Be a contrarian and sell short - or at least be a neutral opportunistic investor and buy/sell as a day trader - but either way, please, for the name of all that's holy, SHUT the F@CK UP!?!

      My apologies to others for the outburst - just sick to tears of hearing the moaning. Good luck longs!

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      • I've got sanalyst on "ignore" since he says nothing of substance. Baseless invective I can ignore. Informed negativity (a la "Stereo") I value highly.

        This board is so much nicer with sanalyst on ignore - I highly recommend it. Saves time too.

      • I always appreciate learning a new word, so when I saw "coprophagist" in an earlier post, I looked it up on . It didn't come back with a definition.

        So... what is it?

      • Lol, you weenies are so funny. Attacking me personally because I voice my disappointment with the pos stock. I bought ahead of earnings, with the expectation and hope that management would give us some positive news. They didn't so I sold for a modest loss and bought Naps where I more than made up the loss. I am still sitting on a 1/2 position at 6.75. This pos will not float. You know that, I know that. Call me a crybaby, whatever, but the more pressure I and other longs put on management to sell this pos stock to a better-run company the sooner it will happen. and, as a shareholder, it is my prerogative to complain, voice my displeasure with the way management is handling the company. So, why do you shut your piehole, diversity your investments, and quit hoping this stock will soar to 10/share. It isn't going to happen. Nope, a buyout is our only salvation. And I'll stand by my Mantra that this company is a pos.


    • Get ahold of yourself man. Don't you realize what's happening to you? You got greedy, bought more shares that you really could afford to lose. Sit tight. You are behaving like the scared little twit you were as a kid. Maybe Wall Street will change your diaper for you as well.

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