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  • red_wombat80 red_wombat80 May 10, 2005 12:35 PM Flag

    New 2 Year Low

    I always appreciate learning a new word, so when I saw "coprophagist" in an earlier post, I looked it up on . It didn't come back with a definition.

    So... what is it?

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    • good question. Coprolites are fossilized dung piles. Perhaps that is the meaning of one who studies them. Not neccessarily the hit of the party, even among anthropologists, but you can learn a lot from old feces. Glad to see your still with us.

    • LOL..I'll bet Webster's wouldn't have that one! Bison's on the right track - though it's not the study of, rather it's a deviant sexual fetish related to...(and I may have mispelled with the second 'o' possibly being an 'a'). The things you learn when you attend Indiana Univ - home of the Kinzie Institute! Now aren't you sorry you asked? <g>

      And just to validate this post - I wish I had some free cash to buy a heavier position here. Contrary to some posters, I buy a stock like this expecting to hold it for at least a year+ to realize a good return. That's not to say I won't sell and buy chunks if there's an opportune spike (I invest from tax deferred accounts, so there's no washrule, etc to deal with).

      And just to wax philosophical: Oh for the days when everyone understood that the market was long-term investing and didn't drain their home-equity and margin themselves right to the brink hoping to be a market-timing expert. I think of the way my generation differed in finances from my parents generation(depression era)and I shudder thinking of what kids today will be like with the example their parents are setting financially.

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